Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels Assists With R150,000 Donation to Pretoria-Based Skills Development Centre

Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels Assists With R150,000 Donation to Pretoria-Based Skills Development Centre
Martin Bester with Armand Feldtmann MD of Power Build Fred van Niekerk from The Project Management team Agora Africa and Karen Fourie New Hope School

New Hope School, a beacon of hope and education for children with special needs in Pretoria, is set to receive a generous donation of R150,000 from Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels initiative. The donation, facilitated by Power Build and supported by Jacaranda FM, will contribute towards the construction of a much-needed Skills Development Centre at New Hope School.

For nearly 50 years, New Hope School has been dedicated to providing education and support to children with special needs, catering to 417 learners from pre-school to Grade 12. With a focus on empowering learners to reach their full potential, the school offers three Curricular Streams, including mainstream CAPS, Vocational Training, and Basic Life Skills.

Despite the school’s impressive 100% matriculation record over the past seven years, there remains a critical gap in post-school support for many learners. The new Skills Development Centre aims to address this gap by providing after-school training and stimulation, enabling school leavers to acquire valuable skills and pursue sustainable careers.

The initiative, spearheaded by New Hope School’s community, has already made significant progress, with the centre’s construction well underway. However, the project remains a massive financial undertaking, requiring additional support to reach completion.

Recognising the importance of the Skills Development Centre, Agora has been providing pro bono Project Management & QS-services to facilitate the project. Their dedication to the cause prompted them to seek assistance from Good Morning Angels on behalf of New Hope School.

Armand Feldtmann, MD of Power Build, through Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels initiative saw the incredible work New Hope School has been doing and has generously stepped in to help. Armand explains that Power Build has a commitment to supporting worthy causes and recently hosted a Golf Day to raise funds for those in need of building assistance. To help, Power Build has donated R150,000 of these funds to New Hope School’s Skills Development Centre Building project.

The generous donation from Power Build, facilitated by Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels, will play a vital role in realising the vision of the Skills Development Centre. It reflects the collective efforts of individuals and organisations coming together to make a positive difference in the lives of learners with special needs.

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