Hundreds and thousands reaching for Tools for Life training

Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

The Soweto Community Policing Forum had its training on the Tools for Life of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers this weekend, attended by a first 32 members of the Jabulanu CPF.  Opening up with a prayer from the Chairman on the CPF, the seminar then took place and pleased everyone with its practicality.

Soon joined by the Regional Chairperson for the CPF, he addressed everyone and insisted that, “This is something that they must definitely do as they have the opportunity now.” He announced to them how he was so happy with the seminar that he is now preparing to get all 12,000 CPF members through the seminar.

Sandile Hlayisi from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers stated, “And it goes on like that everywhere we start the training.   While many people joined the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is sanitizing shelters, elderly homes and all the way to Court Houses and government offices, the training is going like wild fire.  We will soon have to train some of our new volunteers in teaching the Tools for Life as well so we can fulfill all the demands.”

When the seminar ended, the CPF Chairperson ended off with a speech where he thanked the Volunteer Ministers for the opportunity.  He stressed how “All the members must finish all the 19 Tools for Life courses as soon as possible.”

One of the participants stated, “Now I know the truth of what leads to people being suppressed and how to overcome suppression! Now, I will also be able to successfully plan for a job that needs to be done, and how it should be done!”

“This was a diverse and informative seminar that was brought to us in order for us to be equipped with pivotal information that everyone needs to grasp or be supplied with! I personally gained a lot in terms of adding adequate data to deal with what we face in everyday life! I thank you,”  stated another attendee.

The technology of the Tools for Life was written more than 50 years ago by L. Ron Hubbard to provide practical tools to people of all levels.  “Knowing the technology of the Tools for Life is a difference between making it in life or not.  It is like having some fresh air to breathe or not.  It is that vital and we are spreading it everywhere so all South Africans can get on top of their life,” stated Sandile Hlayisi.