GivenGain’s Tribute to Ubuntu and Collective Philanthropy: Celebrating South African Heritage Month with Giving

GivenGain’s Tribute to Ubuntu and Collective Philanthropy: Celebrating South African Heritage Month with Giving
GivenGain's Tribute to Ubuntu and Collective Philanthropy: Celebrating South African Heritage Month with Giving

As South Africa embraces the spirit of heritage during September, GivenGain, proudly the country’s leading online non-profit fundraising platform, invites all South Africans to join a new tradition that celebrates the essence of ubuntu and collective giving. Founded in 2001, GivenGain remains committed to its core belief that “it is better to give than to receive,” embodying the true essence of South African heritage.


Ubuntu: The Heart of GivenGain

In the spirit of ubuntu, a concept popularised by the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu, GivenGain empowers South Africans to support local causes and give back to their communities. The platform’s mission aligns seamlessly with the South African spirit of togetherness, a spirit that has shone brightly during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic where online fundraising was crucial.


A Month of Heritage Celebration

September in South Africa is synonymous with Heritage Day, celebrated on the 24th of the month. However, the theme of heritage permeates the entire month, providing an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be South African and how South Africans can contribute to their collective heritage for generations to come.


Heritage Day is a time for families, friends, and communities to come together, often around a traditional braai. In this spirit of togetherness, GivenGain proposes a new South African tradition – the act of charitable giving. By embracing this tradition, South Africans can build a legacy of generosity and support for the causes that matter most to them.


GivenGain: A Platform for Responsible Giving

GivenGain ensures responsible giving by exclusively hosting registered charities on its platform. This commitment to transparency and accountability means that donors can give with confidence, knowing that their contributions directly benefit the causes they support. The platform offers user-friendly technology that is both simple to use and a powerful way to make a difference.


By creating online fundraisers for their chosen charities and sharing their projects with their networks, South Africans can actively participate in building a stronger, more compassionate nation. GivenGain has a proven track record of trustworthiness and is utilised by local events such as the Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg, ABSA Cape Epic, and Cape Town Cycle Tour.


South African Fundraising Champions

GivenGain’s platform has given rise to numerous inspiring South African fundraisers who have made a profound impact on their causes.


Ntobeko Ntusi, for instance, undertook the challenge of ascending Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. His efforts raised R111,541 toward acquiring a much-needed ultrasound machine for the anaesthesia department at Mowbray Maternity Hospital (MMH) in Cape Town.


Durban local, Keira King, driven by her deep passion for the ocean and its inhabitants, raised R43,551 for SANCCOB, surpassing her previous fundraising effort for the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation’s turtle rehabilitation programme.


Magda Coetzee is raising funds for The Imbumba Foundation as part of Trek4Mandela 2023, supporting the Caring4Girls Programme. This programme aims to empower young South African girls by addressing menstrual challenges that affect their education.


The Power of Collective Giving

It’s essential to remember that every contribution matters. Fundraisers on GivenGain raise 20 times more than the average donor, showcasing the incredible impact citizens can have. Every act of giving contributes to the greater good though, whether it’s the cost of a bag of firewood or a pack of boerewors.


As South Africa celebrates its rich heritage throughout September, GivenGain invites every South African to embrace the spirit of ubuntu, and to be part of a tradition that embraces the principles of togetherness, giving, and unity. South Africans can transform their passion into action on GivenGain and create a legacy of compassion that will shape the nation’s heritage for generations to come.