Gauteng Department of COGTA – very satisfied with help from Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Gauteng Department of COGTA – very satisfied with help from Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been working very closely with the Gauteng Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs to combat Covid-19.

They have offered high standard sanitization and hygiene education to the Department for months now, as their humanitarian contribution and to bring aide to the country during this pandemic.

The Chief Director of Corporate Services in COGTA says he is amazed at the work done by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers and the fact that they make themselves available at any time when there is an emergency — and even if they risk their life in doing so.

He expressed his gratitude to the Volunteer Ministers, “I was introduced to the Church of Scientology’s humanitarian programs during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the Churches Volunteer Ministers came to sanitize our buildings. They assisted us with regular, scheduled sanitization. But not only that. Whenever we had an urgent matter, like a Covid-19 positive person in our facilities, we know we can just call the Volunteer Ministers and they will make themselves available to sanitize additionally to handle the urgency.”

The Chief Director says such assistance just does not exist anymore. “The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are doing a wonderful job in helping others and their motives truly show a spirit of Ubuntu.”

The COGTA Director now wonders if there is more to the principles of Scientology which he and others could learn from. “Currently we are fighting the current fires together. But my interest in Scientology suddenly goes beyond that now.”

Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers says the COGTA Director is right. “What we have showed of us — our willingness to help, how we can organize our work, our compassion for others and the degree to which we are willing to assist and more — are just the tip of the iceberg. The practical tools we have started to share with others such as our Tools for Life is just another example of it and it changes people’s life to the core.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have dedicatedly worked for over 450,000 hours; they have decontaminated over 30,000 buildings which totals to over 61,889,783 square meters, 836,185 vehicles including taxis, buses, police cars, fire engines, ambulances / paramedic vehicles and 792,595 taxis bringing aid to millions of people so far.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are trained on the Volunteer Ministers technology written by L. Ron Hubbard and it is what they have been using to assist anywhere and everywhere.

“We take great pride in our country and in providing full support in this time of disaster. It brings us great joy to assist and provide safety and hygiene education to our fellow South Africans. We stand together in fighting this pandemic,” added Sandile Hlayisi.