Free online life skills courses launched in Zulu

Free online life skills courses launched in Zulu
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

The Tools for Life courses from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers which have already been studied and applied by thousands of religious and community leaders in South Africa have now been translated in Zulu to reach more people and provide them with practical tools for their life in the here and now. With the courses already helping thousands, the main demand had become to have those available in other languages to empower those who are unable to study in English. The Volunteer Ministers are now proud to say this is now available in Zulu.

While none had let this be a stop for themselves and for those who spoke English, the release of the Tools for Life courses in Zulu has newly brought a revelation for millions.

Since its new release, leaders have positively responded with messages of gratitude and have immediately jumped straight into action by getting people signed up on the courses, already sending in certificates of those completing their first courses in Zulu.

Upon hearing of the news, a manager from the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Home Affairs Office commented on the “VERY GOOD effort on providing these fantastic courses in isiZulu which will make possible for more people to understand this information!” Having completed the 19 courses in English himself, he added, “These courses have developed and improved my role at work and in the society. They talk to the inner person of an individual, which leads to self-development! I also shared these courses with my colleagues who were very excited! Very well done for what you are doing to help the community and this is very much appreciated!”

An actor and motivation speaker with thousands of followers who heard of the Zulu courses now available stated, “I’m interested! It’s such a great concept when your ultimate goal is empowering people!”

“And the feedback keeps coming in. Within a few hours of the release of the courses in Zulu, we were already getting copies of the certificates people received from completing their courses,” said Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. “It represents a LOT of hope for people. Those courses are practical. Those are for the here and now. People need this knowledge and they are very much empowered with it. L. Ron Hubbard was a genius to have put those together,” added Hlayisi.

A person from Afrika Tikkun NGO Diepsloot stated, “No-one ever cared to provide written Zulu for us at school. Ignorance can be powerful and knowledge transforming as I experience it. Thanks for sharing, I will now immerse myself even more”