Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department and Scientology Volunteer Ministers working to battle covid-19

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department and Scientology Volunteer Ministers working to battle covid-19
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

This week in Kempton Park, a NGO known as the Scientology Volunteer Ministers reported at the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department. Fully dressed in protective gear and without hesitation began sanitizing the facility to safeguard the police department as they are on the frontlines daily.

The Volunteers who are distinctly noticeable by their bright yellow jackets written “SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTERS” boasts to have been active throughout the country during this pandemic, risking their lives daily in order to bring relief during this time.

According to sources, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers volunteers have been sanitizing the police station since the lockdown began while also working together with the officers to distribute Covid-19 educational materials with the officers to educate the community about precautions to take during this pandemic.

The Ekurhuleni Metro Police sent an acknowledgement letter thanking the VMs for their support and fast response to emergencies and it read:  “We would like to thank the Volunteer Ministers for all the hard work they are doing. Their response is very quick, making it more effective in trying to control the virus. The crew are very friendly and we are grateful for their services.”

The Organizations said that they have 300 volunteers that have donated more than 300,000 hours of volunteer work to sanitize spaces of government buildings, emergency services, clinics and shelters for the most vulnerable including the elderly, disabled and our youth.

In total they claim to have sanitized 14,517 buildings and over 30 million square meters since the lockdown began. They also sanitized over 427,161 vehicles including emergency vans, police vehicles, fire trucks, and taxi all at their own cost.

“We take great pride in our country and in providing full support in this time of disaster. It brings us great joy to work with the EMPD to assist and provide safety and hygiene education to our fellow South Africans. We stand together in solidarity in fighting this pandemic,” said Public affairs director of the Volunteer Minister, Mr. Sandile Hlayisi.