Courthouses sanitized for the human rights of all

Courthouses sanitized for the human rights of all
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

For the past two months, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have visited and sanitized over 70 Courthouses in Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and KZN so justice can still take place in the country. By sanitizing those buildings, Volunteer Ministers feel they not only sanitize buildings but at the same time, they protect the rights of every citizen to have access to justice.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers, who have sanitized more than 22,000 buildings since the beginning of the lockdown in March this year, continue to figure out how they can assist. For the past eight weeks, they travelled in those provinces to sanitize over 70 Courthouses, thus protecting the Constitutional rights of the citizens to access justice.

Managers of the Courthouses, security staff and other staff were at first in awe and at the same time incredulous that any group could offer such assistance for free, especially using the highest decontaminant that exists right now in South Africa. But very shortly after, “They were very appreciative for the help” said Maurithus Meiring, one of the men who has been decontaminating the Courthouses.

Meiring and his assistant were happy with their work especially when one staff in a Courthouse stated that it was because of them that the Courthouse could remain open. “Without you, we would have had to shut down,” commented the Courthouse staff.

Meiring added, “I must admit it is nice to provide real help. It is a pleasure to give service and when I see how people are appreciative, it really makes it all worth it.”

Scientology Volunteer Ministers have gone out of their way to help since day one of lockdown as announced by the President. The training on the Volunteer Ministers technology written by L. Ron Hubbard is what they have used to assist anywhere and everywhere.

Since they started, the Volunteer Ministers have sanitized 46,355,059
square meters, including 22,166 buildings and 654,872 taxis, police cars, buses ambulances and fire trucks. They have provided a total of 384,500 hours of volunteer work as their humanitarian contribution to their community and organizations which are essential services.