A Hillbrow shelter for the displaced received top notch sanitation

A Hillbrow shelter for the displaced received top notch sanitation
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Going just about anywhere and everywhere, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have gone to a Hillbrow shelter to assist the displaced and make them safer.

Confronting the potentially disastrous consequences there would be for a shelter to be found with Covid-19, the Volunteer Ministers went to support that center and sanitize the place thoroughly.

From the mention of the first Covid-19 case in South Africa, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been working tirelessly, bringing the highest level of sanitization and education to the most affected in order to help mitigate the further spread of Covid-19 in the country. In addition to sanitizing the building, they also brought education to the people there.

Kebone, the manager of the facility stated, “I really appreciate that you are doing this. I am surprised that anyone would care enough to do this from their heart”.

When the team completed the sanitization, the manager further said “Thank you very much! Thank God!” Even the security guards on site at the facility was very appreciative and was so amazed that he asked several times, “And you’re just doing this as volunteers? You are just helping people?” It’s unbelievable.”

As soon as the scale of the threat of this highly communicable virus became apparent, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers gathered hundreds of trained Volunteers Ministers who have been working 15 hours daily ever since, placing their lives at risk with the purpose of protecting the citizens.

“We’ve been on the frontlines. We’ve seen that people are in need of solutions and we did what we could and more to help protect them as best as we could. And so we continue fighting this pandemic to help the country during these difficult times. We are very happy this has proven very effective.” says Sandile Hlayisi, Director of Public Affairs for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Hlayisi says that more and more, various organizations which have been sanitized regularly call in to the Volunteer Ministers to let them know that they have less positive cases and sometimes none of them since the Volunteer Ministers have been sanitizing their offices. A Court in North West even stated that since the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have come to sanitize their building, no case has been reported.

After having studied the Tools for Life courses, which comes from the Volunteer Ministers Handbook by L. Ron Hubbard, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have always felt ready to go anywhere.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers have so far decontaminated 26,600 buildings which totals to 57,445,158 square meters, 750,571 vehicles including taxis, buses, Police Cars, Fire Engines, Ambulances / Paramedic Vehicles and over 600,000 taxis bringing aid to millions of people so far.