10,000,000 square feet decontaminated in a single day by NPO to mitigate the spread of Covid-19

10,000,000 square feet decontaminated in a single day by NPO to mitigate the spread of Covid-19

This weekend, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers achieved their new “highest ever” on daily square meters decontaminated in one day: 944,081 square meters – or over 10 million square feet of buildings, separately from also decontaminating 300 buses and 54 bus stations for Rea Vaya.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers accomplished this by decontaminating many different types of facilities in 5 provinces, including Home Affairs offices and buildings, office of the Department of Social Development including some of their elderly homes, along with child and youth care centers, facilities for the Gauteng Department of Arts, Sports, Culture and Recreation, Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Park Station, metro police departments, emergency service stations, motor licensing centers, libraries, municipal buildings for the City of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni as well as the Sedibeng District, health clinics, courthouses and more.

The teams have also expanded with volunteers coming on board and working together as Volunteer Ministers reaching more facilities.

 “The training on the Tools for Life and Stay Well information that I have learned helped me a lot. Across the whole world, there are many people who are dead right now because of a lack of this knowledge. I benefited by this knowledge and I can now save others by telling them the truth about Covid-19. To me, attending this training helps me and my family immensely,” said a volunteer who joined in and contributed to creating a highest ever day.

According to Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, when they started to decontaminate buildings, they never thought that their work would take such proportion. “Since day one of the lockdown, we knew we wanted to assist in a big way but we never planned it would take such a proportion.  10 million square feet decontaminated at our own cost is a product we are proud to talk about.”

Another volunteer stated, “The training helped me significantly to learn how to not contract illness from people who have been ill. There are many points that I can follow and that I can teach others, so this will help me to protect others!”

L.Ron Hubbard, who wrote the technology covered in the Tools for Life, has proven that armed with that technology, “Something can be done about it”, the motto of the Volunteer Ministers.

Hlayisi concluded by saying that, “There is consistently confirmation from facilities that the VMs are decontaminating regularly, that they have had very little to no positive Covid-19 cases.”  He considers this rewarding in itself.