Change In People Lifestyle

Through the past years, human lifestyle has changed a lot. There has been a grand evolution which has made life better and easier. When we compare, there have been great and drastic changes. Lifestyle comprises of a lot of things such as the interest, opinions, behaviours, orientation of individuals or group. A lifestyle reflects an individual’s attitude. It is also the social structure.

Food/ Way Of Eating

We all know that food is the most important item in our lives. People use to have different ways of eating and preparing their food. They used to cultivate their own vegetables and live on that. It must have been very difficult for these people to try get their food throughout the year cause of the climate. Now life has been easier for us. No matter what time we finish work, we can just drop by the supermarket and buy vegetables and food to cook. Also, if we are too tired to cook, we can grab fast food. The climate is not an issue these days. We get all kind of frozen food that we can keep in the fridge for several months.

Change In People Lifestyle


When people were sick, it was hard for them to afford the bills of hospitals/clinics. They had to prepare their own medicines and home remedies. We now have a great choice. We can choose to visit a doctor which is affordable and take different medicines that can heal us. Even for operations, we have much advanced equipment’s that can be useful.


Communication was tough at that time. People had to communicate through letters and telegrams. When they had their relatives living abroad, they were not able to communicate as it was quite costly. Technology has come a long way ahead. We have all sorts of communication that can make our lives easier. Now when we have relatives abroad, it is not at all an issue. We know we can communicate through many devices. We can even see the person using mobile phones, tablets and PCs, thanks to WhatsApp, Skype and other communication apps. It not only helps with communication but can also be used for entertainment, research and discoveries. You can also know everything that is happening around the world through technology. Moving with technology has become a must and part of people lifestyle.


When it comes to entertainment, we have also come a long way too. Entertainment was very limited cause we did not have developed technology and even if few were being developed, it could hurt the wallet. The only entertainment people had was to watch a movie at the theatre or watch plays and dramas in the locality. We now have more ways to be entertained. It can be music, movies, live concerts, comedy, television, fashion shows, night clubs, and many more.  Some people find entertainment in participating in an activity. Another form of entertainment is games. Technology has moved fast, and this gave an opportunity to game developers to produce new games to entertain people. The games can be very amusing and at the same time, adventurous. We all have a busy schedule and do not have enough time to go in casinos to play or go on adventures which can be time consuming.

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Travelling from one place to the other was not easy for everyone. They used to travel by bus for long distances. Having a car was very costly and not affordable for everyone. Now with technology and advancement, we have come quite far. We have different means of transport. Not only for travelling but also to transport goods, animals and to travel the world. It has become much easier to travel.