Tropika Island of Treasure heats up as top three teams battle it out for a spot in this season’s finale

Tropika Island of Treasure heats up as top three teams battle it out for a spot in this season’s finale
Tropika Island of Treasure heats up as top three teams battle it out for a spot in this season’s finale

After #TeamPeach (Kay Sibiya and Caldine Wyngaard) became the third team to be eliminated from this season of Tropika Island of Treasure, the final three teams have put their game faces on as the race to the finale begins. With one more elimination on the cards, #TeamPineapple (Ntando Duma and Siphosethu Colo), #TeamCoolRed (Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerway) and #TeamMangoPeach (Siphesihle Vazi and Darren Solomon) are on a mission to score themselves as many points as possible to secure themselves a chance to battle it out for that shared R1 million grand prize.

Flamingo Fandango

The first challenge this week came in the form of Flamingo Fandango – another timed obstacle course. Starting on a floating platform, each teammate needed to dive into the water and swim to the first station where they had to mount a Stand Up Paddle Board and paddle their way to the end of the lane. Once they reached the other side they had to dive back into the water and swim to the floating mat before making their way to a giant inflatable flamingo ball pit. There, they needed to search for two Tropika bottles correlating to their team and race back to the star – repeating all the obstacles in reverse order.

Team Cool Red dominated the challenge in the fastest time scoring them an impressive three points while Team Mango Peach came in at a close second with two points. Unfortunately, Team Pineapple scored a single point as Ntando Duma continued to overcome her fear of water in the challenge. However, Sethu proved to be the real winner of the challenge as he won over fans with his undying determination to help Ntando through the challenge.

Great Balls of Curaçao

In the second challenge of the episode, the teams competed in a simple challenge where one teammate was required to use a slingshot to fire balls into a target area. The other team mate had to stand under the target area with a net and catch as many balls as possible in the space of five minutes.

Team Pineapple continued to battle with the challenges this round catching just one ball in the five-minute period scoring them one point for the leaderboard. Team Mango Peach also found themselves battling with the challenge. Siphesihle struggled to launch the balls successfully, and after swapping stations with Darren he too found himself struggling to catch the balls that were launched. However, the team eventually managed to catch three balls and score themselves two points. Finally, Team Cool Red continued their winning streak catching ten balls and scored three points for the leaderboard.

The Final Long-Life Ceremony

Next week, the teams will need to be strategic in who they give their bonus point to as the final Long-Life Ceremony of the season takes place. After being in an alliance with Team Cool Red for the duration of the game, Team Pineapple considers switching things up as they inch closer and closer to the grand prize. Do they turn on their teammates and try even the playing field or do they stick to their guns and continue with the alliance that has treated them well the entire season? Tune in next week to find out!

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