Raf Don is all about the hustle in his latest track ‘P$’ ft KLY

On 24 June 2022, South African rapper Raf Don released his viral hit single ‘Tekky’ featuring YoungstaCPT and is considered to be a pioneer of the Cape Town drill scene. Since its release, Tekky has taken on a life of its own and gone on to hit number one on local radio station Good Hope FM for two weeks straight and it is on its way to reaching a listenership of 10 million, across the country, in just two short months.

Wanting to keep the momentum going, Raf Don has been hitting the studio to bring you his latest track ‘P$’ ft KLY which has been officially released today (19 August) on all streaming platforms. Having been produced by Shaney Jay and mixed and mastered by Loulu Verb, we know we will be getting a quality sound.

The decision to have KLY feature on this song was to bring his RnB influence to drill which created a sound that appeals to a larger audience. The song aims to get listeners amped and have them feeling like they can ‘move mountains. In the words of Raf Don ‘It is like a hustler’s anthem’.

“The song talks about the hustle and making sure you get your piece of the ‘pie’ as in money, which is all most of us want really”, says KLY.

The song speaks about wanting to better yourself and staying focused on the hustle and grind of life. “The vision behind P$ was me making a bold statement on living and thinking big in two simple words, hustle and ambition,” says Raf Don. KLY shares that for him the song is about the hustle, “It’s about making sure that we get our piece of the ‘pie”.

We all desire and long for something, and this song gives you an opportunity to reflect on what it is you are working towards. So whatever your hustle may be, this is the song for you!

Song Link: https://fanlink.to/RafDonKLY