Mental Health awareness podcast dedicated to woman – By Kyle Clark

Mental Health awareness podcast dedicated to woman – By Kyle Clark
Mental Health awareness podkast dedicated to woman

Mental Health is an important topic that we should no longer consider taboo, but more so, an open honest conversation of truth.

Kyle Clark, is paving the way forward by normalising the topic and allowing the South African public to speak their truth and find comfort in addressing the topic through his brand new and exciting podcast, Switch On.


The Entrepreneur, TV Host, Radio Presenter & Actor has so cleverly described his podcast as a “love letter to the new generation”. He is providing a way forward for those in need by speaking up and using his own voice as an act of direction.

“My only hope is that this season inspires you to be better, heal faster, forgive easier and love harder. I hope that you make this life of yours more beautiful than you could have ever imagined and not for everyone else, but also for yourself,” Kyle says.


His podcast, consisting of 12 episodes, includes esteemed seasoned guests who so proudly step up and tell their own compelling stories, and furthermore, offer even more insightful content which is sure to not only keep the listener entertained, but also informed, educated and motivated. Each guest was individually chosen for having a very positive impact within Kyle’s life and he hopes to share their message with his listeners.

Inspired by his own personal journey, Kyle describes deep conversations as being a very beautiful characteristic of his, one where he is able to talk about uncomfortable situations with people and help find a solution for their own hearts and help them heal.


“I am always able to come from a third party perspective, being able to look from the outside in. In that way, it allows me to see all circumstances around the situation and take that into consideration. I also believe I am a wounded healer, I myself have gone through more than anyone could imagine and I use those moments to help draw pure energy to heal the person I am talking too. Being relatable and compassionate has really been the core focus of who I am,” Kyle adds.


We caught up with Kyle and asked him for his top 5 self-help tips to maintain a healthy level of mental health:

Meditation – give your mind a break. Just a few minutes a day can make every day healthier and happier.

Yoga – Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centres attention; and sharpens concentration.

Journaling – this provides an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts and behaviours.

– Breath-work – this can ease anxiety and stress. Breathwork therapy can help you regulate the flow of oxygen to the brain. Many people spend most of their day engaged in shallow breathing without realising it. This breathing prompts the sympathetic response – emotions you feel when you’re stressed.

Deactivating your screen time – the more you limit your accessibility the more you can control what you allow in your life.

Mental Health awareness podcast dedicated to woman – By Kyle Clark
Mental Health awareness podkast dedicated to woman

Switch On officially launches on the 20th September 2021.

You can stream all the episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or watch the entire interview on their YouTube Channel.

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