Carol Ofori Dishes On What Moms REALLY Want From Their Kids This Mother’s Day

Carol Ofori Dishes On What Moms REALLY Want From Their Kids This Mother’s Day
Carol Ofori

Mother’s Day is around the corner and is a day dedicated to celebrating the powerful women around the world who have raised or are raising children. Moms are superheroes so having a day dedicated to everything they do for their family is incredibly rewarding. So, to be sure not to disappoint your mom with her Mother’s Day gift, radio and television personality Carol Ofori dishes on what moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day.

A Spa Day

While the generic gifts are always winners, Carol says that families should use this time to offer the maternal figurehead a well-deserved break. From waking up early to dropping kids off at school before work, being the chauffeur to extra mural activities, doing the cooking, cleaning, homework and, finally, getting the kids ready for bed, a mother’s day is extremely busy. So, a spa day can let her relax for a day without any distractions. “Being a mom is a 24-hour-day job and while I love my family, time off to spend on myself is also really important. Every day it’s waking up early, school runs, cooking, grocery shopping, bathing kids, nappy changes, waking up to put a dummy in the mouth of my baby and everything else is so exhausting,” Carol says. “A spa day and yummy lunch will just relax me and get me pumped to start taking on the duties again.”

A Gown And Slipper Set

While this is a rather generic gift idea, Carol explains that there is a reason why these are so popular every year. “Mother’s Day comes around just before winter. The temperature is dropping rapidly and the nights are certainly getting longer,” Carol says. “So, to slip into a new pair of slippers and curl up in a fluffy gown that your kids chose out specifically for you is incredibly special – and a perfect way to prepare for the colder nights ahead.”

A Meal Cooked By The Whole Family

It’s often the mother’s job to decide what the family is having for dinner so why not switch things up a bit by getting the whole family involved to cook a meal for the matriarch this time. “I always have to worry what the family is having for dinner – and that includes trips to the grocery store so don’t underestimate just how special it is for the entire family to get involved and cook a meal,” Carol says. “Last year, my husband whipped up the best Mother’s Day lunch for my mom, nanny and I. He made these delicious lamb shanks and each of us were served individually. It was such a special moment – and something the entire family can get involved with. Oh, and it’s Covid-friendly!” Carol adds that cooking is something her son has taken a keen interest in which makes this even more special.

Get Crafty

Often times, homemade gifts don’t turn out the way we imagined them to turn out but one way to create something at home is to get crafty with your mom. “I love doing activities with my kids and as life gets busy, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to bask in the glory that is family,” Carol says. “Why not tie-die matching tracksuits with your children or get crafts to paint and customise a picture frame? Not only does this provide quality time with your kids, but includes a sentimental gift you’ll love!”