Mall pays tribute to Love with Urban Art

Mall pays tribute to Love with Urban Art
Vincent Park unveils mural celebrating the month of love, by renowned graffiti artist Falko One

As South Africa celebrates the month of love, one shopping centre in the Eastern Cape is using its infrastructure to pay tribute to South African love. Celebrating how community meeting places provide a place for people to make connections and elevating our nation’s rich cultural fabric, Vincent Park has unveiled a captivating mural titled “The Love From Above.”

The mural was conceptualized and painted by renowned urban artist Falko One, whose distinct graffiti style is celebrated across South Africa as his art transforms ordinary spaces into iconic landmarks. That is exactly what he has done here, where a conventional mall entrance is now an enthralling feature. Beyond the obvious suggestion, that one must look up to see the mural, the name “The Love From Above” is designed to inspire optimism and hope, implying that love is a force that transcends daily concerns and brings positivity and warmth.

Falko explains the inspiration for the art piece: “The two colourful figures are gesturing togetherness. They gaze with interest at each other. This moment captures the question of ‘are they saying hello or goodbye?’ ‘The Love From Above’ is a whimsical and vibrant interpretation of how Vincent Park fosters relationships. It has had its share of hello and goodbyes. In the week I’ve spent painting the mural, I have enjoyed being submersed into the Vincent Park universe. Double thumbs up!”

The mural is available to view on the entrance facing of Devereaux Avenue, on the south side of Vincent Park mall.

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