Introducing Scribble and Scratch: Your Gateway to Creative Inspiration

Local entrepreneur spreads joy through new online arts, crafts and stationery store

Introducing Scribble and Scratch: Your Gateway to Creative Inspiration
The love of crafting

The launch of Scribble and Scratch

For many of us, there is something freeing about the ability to create something from nothing. Foodies spend hours in the kitchen, hobbyists build masterpieces piece by piece over weeks at a time, and artists can bring an idea to life in a myriad of ways.

For Joburg-based entrepreneur Camilla Hyson, creativity has always been in her blood, and it was a need to be able to really tap into this passion that spurred on the idea of launching a go-to-destination store for all things arts, crafts and stationery.

“Local arts and crafts products are not easily available” says Camilla. “When I was looking for supplies or tutorials, everything was all over the place. I wanted to create an online store that people could go to, to find everything that they need, when they need it.”

Scribble and Scratch is the wonderful online amalgamation of hundreds of products neatly sorted and available across three categories: arts, crafts and stationery. At least 80% of the product is from local suppliers, and Camilla’s ambition is to be able to support more local craftsmen and women, artists and product as the business grows.

But Scribble and Scratch is more than just an online store, it’s a creative content platform too. “I’ve made it my mission to share the love and joy that I have found in creativity with others” says Camilla. “Art is therapy, art is an avenue for children to develop their imaginations, and art is something that can bring friends and families together.”

Whether you are an amateur artist looking for tips, or a parent needing activities to do with the kids, Scribble and Scratch provides an array of free tutorials on the website and across its social platforms. Consumers who choose a product on the site will receive a QR code with a link to a how-to video, and conversely, tutorials also provide a list of supplies that are available on the online store.

So, whether you are looking for glitter paper to build a unicorn with your daughter, a stunning hand-made apron for a gift, a list of ideas for a long road trip with the little ones, or to place a school stationery order without hassle, pop onto the Scribble and Scratch website.


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Local art, crafts and stationery vendors looking for a site to house their product can also contact Camilla on [email protected]