Famous art galleries around the world

Famous art galleries around the world
Famous art galleries around the world. Image source: Pixabay

Are you a chump for arts and crafts? Art galleries and museums where crafts are displayed provide the most basic foundation to respect, appreciate, acknowledge, and show the work of different artists from different periods of time. Going to an art gallery or a museum where arts and crafts are heavily displayed is not only a fun thing to do, but it also offers an unmatchable experience as you will get a chance to look at magnificent, complex, sophisticated, and amazing masterpieces of art under one roof.

Art galleries offer an ideal background to value, appreciate, and respect the work of different artists and craftsmen of different eras in time all over the world. When you are in an art gallery, you can enjoy every moment you spend by having the first-hand experience of the magnificent, astounding, and brilliantly made masterpieces. There are many renowned art galleries around the world where you can find valuable art from different eras and civilizations. These pieces not only deserve your attention but also appreciation in every way possible. In this article, I am going to discuss famous art galleries around the world. So read on, plan your trip and enjoy visiting these galleries in future.

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Famous art galleries around the world

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Home of Mona Lisa (painting) and much other great works of arts, The Louvre Museum in Paris should never be a surprise. It should top all the personal bucket lists of places to visit even if you are not a fan of the art. The Louvre museum is the oldest and largest museum in France. Since its inauguration in 2007, the art gallery has been the most visited museums in the world with more than 8.5 million visitors in the first three years, and a gigantic 8.8 million at the beginning of this decade. This museum has eight departments that house more than 35,000 pieces of arts and crafts. It took an amazing effort from the government of France to collect all these pieces of art and put them under the roof of the Louvre. You can see the best artworks from ancient Greece, Rome, Assyrian, and Islamic golden age time.

British Museum in London, United Kingdom

The British Museum in London is one of the best places on Earth to visit and see an astounding collection of art and craft from different eras of history and culture. The eight million pieces of art and works are the largest in existence, and they are all going to stay there under one roof permanently. Different art pieces were collected from all corners of the world when the British Empire was one of the largest in the world, which is why it grew so big under one roof. You can never see all the art pieces even in a dozen trips. This place is a must-visit to believe all the work from the historical chapters of life on this planet. So do visit and make the most of every moment spent there.

The National Museum of Korea in Seoul, South Korea

Consisting of more than 220,000 relics and different pieces of arts, The National Museum of South Korea is another place to visit. The historical art pieces date back to 1392, which is why there are rich history and culture to be explored there. This place showcases calligraphy, paintings, sculptures, and other artworks such as ceramics, statues, and much more.

Hamburger Bahnof in Berlin, Germany

This museum is unique in many ways. The Hamburger Bahnof is housed in a building that used to be a train station in the past 1960s. But today, it is a museum where art and craft flourish within its boundaries. This place has everything, from Minimalism to Expressionism along with the blurring boundaries of arts and culture. You can also find a section full of photographs of renowned photographers from all over the world. This section contains iconic clicks from the past as well as the present. Visit this place whenever you are touring Germany.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States of America

American Nationals founded this museum in the year 1870. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York signifies work from the ancient world from classical antiquity and ancient Egypt. This place houses different art and craft sculptures, paintings, and other amazing works from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and other parts of the world. It contains these pieces of magnificent art from different civilizations and their influences. Now everything can be re-lived by visiting this amazing museum.