A Brief Review of the Best Fishing & Tackle Equipment Going into 2019

Every hobby needs equipment and accessories, and looking around for what’s new before deciding what to buy is part of the fun. Fishing is no different, with plenty of new linked products being showcased at trade fairs every year before they hit the stores. Here we take a quick look at some of the very best items of fishing and tackle equipment you may want to snap up for your 2019 fishing trips.

Let’s start with something to carry your gear in

Wild River Nomad fishing backpack

Whatever amount or kind of fishing gear you have you need something to haul it around in. Alongside the usual carry cases and boxes around we like this new item – with its backpack styling. It’s comfortable to wear with padded and adjustable shoulder straps, has a removable divider which makes the space multi-functional, is rain resistant, and it also has a handy LED light system so you can find whatever you are looking for, regardless of the light conditions.

How about a new reel, fly rod or spinner?

Hatch Finatic Gen 2

Forget the standard gold saltwater reel or the black trout reels, there’s no need to go with the traditional anymore. Last year Hatch launched a new range of colors in limited numbers, and for 2019 those are Bluewater – a rich deep blue, and Oxblood which is a classy maroon.

Shimano Curado DC

This is a top class innovative baitcasting reel which boasts a microcomputer, flexible brake settings, and an improved casting distance thanks to a spool speed of 1k times per second. Versions for both right and left-handed people are available.

The Aletecnos gorilla 20V-2S

This is a practical dual-speed reel which is ergonomically designed to tackle tougher than the average fish, and deliver up to 45 pounds of pressure.

Sage Igniter

This is a great addition as it offers something to both experienced and novice fishing fans. Although they work fine as all-round use fly rods they are particularly good in situations like high winds

The hot news on hooks and lures

The VMC Neko skirt does double duty as a great bait hook and an amazing lure, which moves temptingly with little effort from you.

The Berkley Fusion 19 Bucktail Jig

Truly an outstanding lure, the Berkley Fusion19 Bucktail Jig is versatile with its double line tie, built to last and to avoid corrosion. It works well whether you favor the jigging or cast and retrieve technique.

Daiwa Saltist Back Bay

The eye catching design was created especially for inshore anglers, and it is both strong and lightweight.

The Rapala Twitchin’ Mullet

Another must-have  addition to the kit for fans of fishing in shallow inshore waters, this bit hook is available in a dozen colors, including blue, gold, green, red and silver and costs less than ten dollars.

There are generally lots of great items being launched or revamped throughout the year, it, for now, we hope you enjoy looking for and at these items we chose as our top picks. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products then you’ll need to go to the best fishing gear, equipment and tackle website.