9 Best Ways to Consume Marijuana

9 Best Ways to Consume Marijuana

There has been an increase in cannabis consumption all over the world as many countries are discovering its medicinal value and legalizing it. Cannabis no longer sold in the shadows but sold in shops and chemist which are legally licensed. This has made consumers and entrepreneurs come up with innovative ways of consuming cannabis. Each method is different and favorable to different consumers. King’s pipe headshop has provided weed consumers with a variety of ways that weed can be consumed from bongs to vaporizers. Here are some of the innovative ways king pipe headshop has come up with for weed consumers.


One of the most common ways of consuming cannabis is the use of bongs. A bong can be described as a filtration device comprised of different chambers and partially filled with water. Most of the cannabis consumers prefer using bong since it reduces the heat and harshness of inhaling cannabis. The water in the bong is used in filtering particles which are in the smoke and thus making it smooth for the consumer. King pipe headshop provides the user with a variety of bongs at a very favorable price for the consumer. Some of the bongs in the shop include charcoal straight bong, 18 inc glass beaker bong, and many more.


Dabbing is becoming popular year after year as more cannabis consumers are increasing all over the world. Dabbing is creating a buzz with the consumers as its effect is more immediate as compared to other ways of consuming weed. The process of dabbing is a very confusing process to many consumers as it consists of a complex chemical process that extracts cannabis oils. These oils take effects faster than other methods. The oils are flavored and clean and therefore weed consumers who do not like the smoke prefer dabbing over other methods. King pipe headshop eases the consumer’s extraction of oil by providing crossbar inline perc Dab Rig which helps in the weed oil extraction.

Glass pipes

Glass pipes are considered to be one of the most used ways of consuming tobacco and cannabis. availability of glass pipes in different shops makes it the most preferred for most weed consumers. Many may be wondering where to find the best glass pipes; King’s pipe headshop provides you with a variety of pipes which can be used in smoking weed at a very fair price.


This is considered to be among the best method and healthiest ways of consuming cannabis. The technology used in vaporizing involves heating cannabis material at a lower temperature rather than burning it in open flames and thus making the cannabis consumer to breath in a vapor rather than smoke. This technology is far much cleaner and avoids any potential harmful radiant which may be in the smoke. At Kings pipes headshop customers may be able to access all the three types of vaporizers including the table top vaporizer which mainly is preferred by people who prefer taking weed from home, portable flower vaporizer which are battery powered vaporizer with chambers for cannabis and finally portable oil vaporizer which in this case uses weed oil rather than cannabis itself.

Joints / Blunts

One of the oldest traditions of consuming weed was through rolling joints or blunts, this tradition never gets old as new generation inherits from the previous generation and it seems that the tradition is not getting washed out anytime soon. Although different entrepreneurs and innovators are coming up with different methods of consuming weed, blunt and joint rolling still remains the most used way of consuming weed all over the world both in cannabis legalized countries and countries where weed is illegal.

Pills / Capsules

Through scientific research, weed has been discovered to be very helpful in treating muscles spasms, nausea mostly for cancer patients, seizure disorders and poor appetite and weight loss for HIV patients. This has led to the scientist in the medical field to come up with methods to administer weed to the patients. One of the methods the medical practitioners have adopted is the use of pills/capsules to provide cannabis to the patient. Use of pills is more effective and cleaner especially to those consumers who do not like smoking.


Some prefer to consume cannabis by smoking, others prefer vapor and others prefer to eat it while in the form of food. The legalization of weed has made the business people come up with different food that has cannabis as part of the ingredients. Different types of cakes and cookies have been added to the menu for different bakeries with weed as the main headline.


Different people prefer different types of drinks, some prefer hot, some cold, others sweet and the special kind of people prefer drinks with weed. Drinks made with weed and other ingredients make the consumer to enjoy their drinks as well as get the hype he or she requires.

Oil / Butter

If you have never had experience then you are wondering how a smokable weed can have oil, but with the use of a complex chemical process, oil is produced form cannabis by use of tools such as banger hanger mini oil rig and other oils extraction tools found in king pipe headshop.