7 Ways to Eat Healthily While Traveling

7 Ways to Eat Healthily While Traveling
7 Ways to Eat Healthily While Traveling. Image source: Pixabay

It almost seems an oxymoron to eat healthy foods while you travel. Many people believe that they can indulge when on vacation or during a trip. Although it is a good idea to try new foods or relax, your healthy eating habits don’t have to be abandoned. Here are some tips to help you maintain healthy eating habits while on holiday.

Pack snacks.

You should always have healthy snacks on hand so that you don’t rush to the nearest ice cream shop when hunger strikes. Pre-made sandwiches, string cheeses, hard boiled eggs and nuts are some of the easy snacks you can carry in your bag or backpack.

Cook for yourself whenever possible

Traveling is about trying new food and dining out. While this is not a bad thing, it’s possible that you’ll eat out more often and spend more on food than you would if you were to cook at home. If you can cook your own meals, you can have more control over the food you eat and make healthier choices. I try to find accommodation with a kitchen in my destination so that I can make most meals at home and have some leftovers for dinner.

Keep hydrated.

There’s a good chance you’re walking a lot or exploring while you’re on the road. This can lead to hunger, which can often be mistaken for thirst. Drinking enough water will help you keep your energy level up and prevent you from snacking.

Fill Up

Do not go on a trip without food. Not that you need to stuff your face before heading out, but leaving the house/apartment/hotel/hostel on an empty stomach without any food packed will generally lead to snacking on whatever is available at that time, healthy or not.

Split servings if you can.

Experimenting with new foods and cuisines is one of the greatest parts of travel. I encourage people to try new foods, whether they are healthy or not. You don’t have to try something new, even if it’s not healthy. If you do, split the cost with someone you are traveling with.

Make smart street food choices

It is common to eat street food or visit food markets while on vacation. When you are faced with these situations, it is important to remember the following rule: Eat fruits, vegetables, avoid fried foods, limit starchy foods when possible. A Thai veggie bowl may be made with grilled sesame chicken and served over sweet and sour (which is often deep fried), or a Thai vegetable bowl with grilled sesame. You will find plenty of healthy items in these places, and they are likely to be delicious.

Treat yourself.

You will find many different food options when traveling. It’s not healthy to refuse to try and eat something just because it’s not the best. This will make it harder to enjoy new foods and may even lead to you avoiding trying something else. You can have the experience you desire if it’s something you truly want.