6 security features to look out for when investing in a mature lifestyle estate

6 security features to look out for when investing in a mature lifestyle estate
Investing in a mature lifestyle estate

While its temperate climate, natural beauty and rich heritage make South Africa a prime destination for property investors, strong security measures have always been an important part of this incredible lifestyle. For this reason, those considering investing in a mature lifestyle estate often prioritise safety, but it’s the quality of safety that is the truly deciding factor.

“The recent civil unrest put into sharp focus the importance of a sophisticated level of security when it comes to estate living,” explained Phil Barker, of Renishaw Property Developments on the KZN South Coast. “Homeowners, particularly those enjoying their golden years, need to be assured they can enjoy the quality lifestyle so celebrated in South Africa without the constant concern for safety.”

When it comes to secure estate living, the following six security features will ensure that residents are able to benefit from an outdoor lifestyle with complete peace of mind.

1. Secure perimeter
The first feature is secure, electrified perimeter fencing, constructed from advanced equipment which is constantly monitored and maintained. Clear-view fencing is currently the preferred perimeter option, as it provides optimum security without impacting views.

2. High-tech cameras
A well-run estate will include thermal-vision cameras positioned on the perimeter fencing. These will ensure any unsanctioned activity is quickly identified and halted, and can be reviewed to pick up on any previous activity.

3. 24-hour patrols
The security company assigned to a mature lifestyle estate must be able to provide a 24-hour, onsite security service. This will include manning all entry points to check who is coming and going, as well as constant patrols, day and night.

4. Quick reaction time
The reaction time of a security company is what truly sets them apart, because in an emergency, time is of the essence. It’s also worth checking whether the security company offers the option of panic buttons which can either be installed in individual units or provided as a mobile device.

5. Security collaboration
Security cannot work in isolation. An estate dedicated to the security of its residents will ensure that onsite security works with a network of outside security operatives, including law enforcement, community policing forums, security consultants as well as other security organisations. This ensures they are fully prepared against any potential threat.

6. Unrestricted living
At the end of it all, residents want to enjoy the benefits of security without feeling restricted by it. An estate needs to prioritise unobtrusive yet effective security wherever possible. This includes a dedicated and friendly security staff, clear-view perimeter fencing, and other techniques that effectively blend security measures into the natural surroundings.

Renishaw Hills, the Scottburgh-based mature lifestyle village, ticks all these boxes when it comes to state-of-the-art security features.

“It’s a delicate balance ensuring our residents always feel safe without it being too conspicuous,” explained Barker. “At Renishaw Hills, we feel we’ve achieved this balance. With the incredible ocean and forest views, nature trails, estate facilities and wonderful community living, residents are truly able to live that holiday life without ever having to worry about their safety.”

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