5 Ways We’re Connecting with Loved Ones Remotely

5 Ways We’re Connecting with Loved Ones Remotely
5 Ways We’re Connecting with Loved Ones Remotely

This pandemic has changed the way we communicate, that’s for sure. Whereas we used to be able to meet regularly for nights out with our friends, enjoy leisurely Sunday lunches with our extended families, and catch up over a quick coffee with loved ones who may not live near us – this has all changed over the past year.

Besides travel having been seriously curtailed, social occasions have gone out the window and with restaurants and bars closed too, the way we connect with those we love has become almost entirely digital. Whether it’s Friday night drinks on Zoom or game nights on Skype, luckily we’ve been able to use the power of tech to help us feel closer to those we can’t see in real life.

In this article, Fedhealth shares some communication tools that have grown in popularity over the past year, as we’ve all adapted to our limited circumstances:

  • Good old-fashioned phone calls

Who said the phone call is dead? While it certainly took a knock in recent years, over lockdown many of us have started actually calling people again, as nothing beats the sound of a person’s voice. A phone conversation is obviously much closer to imitating the connection we feel when we physically meet up with someone, as opposed to sending messages, which can be misinterpreted. With a phone call we can hear tone, judge mood and respond more effectively to another person…it’s no wonder that we’re all picking up the phone a lot more these days.

  • Videos

Videos of our toddler taking their first steps. Videos of us diving into the pool on a hot summer’s day. Video calls of us singing happy birthday to an aunt. We can’t be near those we love, so we’ve been filming what we’ve been doing and sending those videos on. Videos give us a real sense of a person, adding more detail than a photo could, and that’s why we’ve also taken to making more video calls than we used to before.

  • Memes

Sometimes we can’t say exactly how we feel, but luckily someone else has already done that perfectly for us. Enter the memes of our times, which can help us express and share a feeling with a loved one, laugh along at a joke together, or simply let someone know that we’re thinking about them. Here at Fedhealth, we know that connecting with loved ones is good for our wellbeing and that this affects our physical health too, meaning fewer visits to the doctor and keeping our medical aid costs down.

  • Sending gifts

We all know that online shopping has grown hugely in popularity with many of the physical shops being closed over this time. Sending gifts to loved ones in other parts of the country, or those who live on the other side of the world, is another way of showing them that you care. It could be a meal kit, so they don’t have to think about making yet another dinner, a bunch of flowers to brighten their mood, or even some clothes for a new baby – what matters is that you’re letting them know that you’re thinking about them, with the gesture being the main objective.

  • Social media

Good old social media has its uses! While some of us may have been tepid users of it before lockdown, social media has become another way to see how our friends and families are doing, and what they’re up to (answer: not much!). It’s a way to cheer our loved ones on, reach out and comfort those having a hard time, and even connect with strangers on a shared emotion or experience.

Once this pandemic has drawn to a close, we’re sure many studies will be conducted on its aftereffects. One positive will surely be that we’ve been communicating much more than we used to. Where we used to rush through our days pre-pandemic, now we’re making more of an effort to connect with those we love and tell them how we really feel. We’ve realised how precious life is, and how our people are all that really matter.

And that can only be a good thing.