5 reasons everyone needs a spa day (or two)

5 reasons everyone needs a spa day (or two)
5 reasons everyone needs a spa day

…not that you really need one

While pampering spa days have traditionally been deemed an extravagant, once-in-a-blue-moon expense, primarily the domain of the fairer sex, Rioma Cominelli (Founder of La Vita Spa and Director of First Loyalty Plus) says that many men are also starting to recognize the proven benefits that spas deliver and are frequenting them more and more to reap the rewards.

“Spa treatments date back to ancient times and were recognized then already for their healing and rejuvenation qualities. Given the frenzied pace of our modern world, coupled with the stresses and strains that constitute our daily lives, we owe it to ourselves to take a break every now and then, and simply switch off,” she says. “Whilst there are many ways to relax, a spa day not only relaxes but pampers you as well. If you’re not a fan of solo experiences, book a spa day with a friend or your tribe for the ultimate pick-me-up. Even better, why not book a relaxing couples session with your partner? Perfect time to unwind together and indulge yourselves with a little R&R.”

 Here are five great reasons to go right ahead and book that much-needed spa day:

1. Improves your mental health and relieves stress: Nobody returns from a spa day feeling stressed and grumpy! A spa day is, by its very nature, designed to improve your mood, calm your mind, release stress, and reduce aches and pains while boosting your feelings of happiness and wellbeing through the release of a flood of happy hormones (serotonin and dopamine).

2. Rids your body of toxins: When you’re stressed, you’re more likely to retain water and suffer from low energy levels, and in the process of relaxing, your body is more easily able to rid itself of harmful toxins. This in turn strengthens your immune system, helping your body to fight off illness and infections.

3. Increases blood flow and circulation: Massages stimulate blood flow and boost circulation, thereby aiding the lymphatic system to rid the body of excess fluids that may have built up.

4. Relieves pain: If you suffer from regular headaches or muscular aches and pains, a massage will assist in getting rid of painful “knots” to reduce and manage these symptoms.

5. Enhances your sleep quality: A lack of sleep causes a myriad of issues, including depression and anxiety. A spa day is a sure way to ensure you will be ready physically and mentally for a good night’s rest which in turn, helps your body to regenerate itself.

Spa days can be expensive, but if you look out for special deals or sign up for a loyalty programme like First Loyalty Plus (given that you get 20% off all standard spa treatments from selected venues), they can be surprisingly affordable.

Rioma concludes, “There’s something to be said for simply taking a day off to relax and rejuvenate. So now that you know how good a spa day really is for you, go ahead and treat yourself – your body deserves it – and you’ll end up feeling like a new person besides being far more productive as a result. When it’s what the doctor (and science) has ordered, who are we to argue?”