5 Best Vape Coils In The UK

5 Best Vape Coils In The UK
5 Best Vape Coils In The UK. Image source: Pixabay

Are you tired of finding a good coil? Are you in search of the best vape coil? This blog will provide you with information about a good coil of vape. As the coil in the vape kit affects your vape session, choosing a good coil is essential in vaping. Before discussing determining factors of the best coils, let’s look at the components of a vape:

Components Of A Vape:

A vape comprises a battery, e-liquid tank, mouthpiece, coil, and wick. Each of them is important for a specific purpose.

  • Battery: Your vaping experience depends on the battery. It is responsible for how long you vape and how many vape clouds you require.
  • Tank: It is a component that holds the e-liquid.
  • Mouthpiece: It is a part of a vape through which you inhale vapours. You place your mouth on the mouthpiece to inhale.
  • Coil: The most important component is the coil which heats the e-liquid and converts it into vapours.
  • Wick: It is a part that soaked e-liquid coil heats a wick to convert vape juice into vapours.

Now, let’s discuss how to determine the best coil.

Factors Of The Best Vape Coil:

A coil in a vape is considered the best due to some factors. Determining the best coil is important as many different coils are available, so choosing the best between them is essential.


When choosing a coil, you must ensure it is compatible with your vapes. There are different vaping setups, like pod systems, dripping systems, etc. Meanwhile, kanthal, nickel, etc., are the types of coil. All types of the vape are separately consistent with the coils. So, a compatible coil is important for properly working in a vape.


The size of the coil refers to its diameter. Smok coils present its coils in different sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large. A large vape coil is preferable for cloud-chasers as the larger the coil is, the more big vape clouds are produced. This is because a large diameter absorbs more e-liquid in a wick. However, small sized coil gives you a throat hit due to the tighter airflow.


The resistance frequency is a significant factor in selecting the best coils products e.g smok nord coils and smok rpm 2 coils are 2 different coils. The resistance of the coil affects flavours and the production of vape clouds. It measures in Ohm unit. A coil is of different resistance. Depending on the resistance, the coil is divided into sub-ohm and plus-ohm.

Sub-ohm is of lower resistance, i.e., less than 1. This type of coil is suitable for the DTL experience, giving you a smoother throat hit. Low resistance has high temperature, so larger vape clouds are produced. Plus-ohm has high resistance, like more than 1. This type of coil is used for the MTL experience. It produces denser vape clouds, as it has a low temperature.


Your vaping session depends on the best material of a coil. Different coil materials are available, e.g., kanthal, nichrome, stainless steel, etc. A coil of kanthal material is mostly used in vapes because of its high resistance, ease to use, and can work for a long time. Also, it is good for MTL (Mouth- to- Lung) experience.

If you have a nickel allergy, you should not use a nichrome coil. However, nichrome and stainless steel are also powerful materials and have temperature-control features.

Top 5 Vape Coils:

Based on the above factors, i.e., compatibility, size, and resistance; the followings are some trendy vape coils:

  • Aspire coil
  • Innokin coil
  • Smok coil
  • Freemax coil
  • Voopoo coil

These are good quality coils and help you get a good vaping experience.

Cap-Up Lines:

There are different types of coils available. You can choose according to your preferences, but some factors, i.e., compatibility, size, resistance, and material, help you to select the best coil for your device.