Is Binomo legal In South Africa – honest review

Is Binomo legal In South Africa – honest review
Is Binomo legal In South Africa - honest review

Recently, trading online, and earning additional income is a trend throughout the world and South Africa is no exception of course. Although the rising number of the different trading platforms, the Binomo investment website has become one of the most popular. The thing with the online trading platforms is the legal aspects of it, in addition to its security of course.

But Binomo has no problem with that. In this article, we will explain where Binomo trades in South Africa and explain why the service is trustworthy.

Binomo – What Is It and How It Works? is an online trading platform that works legally internationally. Since 2014, it is a place for getting extra income online through opportunities on the exchange rate of currencies’ changes and other assets. Formed under the Dolphin Corp, Binomo has been experienced by its users as an enterprise that offers them access to the technology of trading online through a secure service. The platform also includes 13 languages, which shows the variety of its usage areas, besides South Africa.

Sign In and Log in

When you get into the website of the platform, all you need to do is to find the yellow “Sign In” button to click and fill in the information needed. Match your Facebook account or your mail with the trading account and set a secure password afterward. Be sure that no one could find it, just like any other registration.

The last steps of this process will be setting a currency and accepting the policies that were set. Basic but important info: currency will not be able to be changed after all these. So, think thoroughly, we would recommend it.

You have your Binomo account. Login to that, and you will be able to trade however you like.

Account Types

Now that you have your account, the next thing to do is to choose an account type, just as you like.

There are 4 types of account:


Created aiming to educate the trading starters on Binomo, Demo Accounts filled with a $1000 virtual fund. By using this fund, you will be able to learn the trading process. A solid choice to start with.


Availability of 40+ assets in, to trade and bonuses up to 100% for deposit, Standard Account could be in usage after a minimum $10 deposit for South African traders.


By choosing Gold, account holders will have access to 50+ assets and bonuses up to 150%. All it is needed is a $500 cumulative deposit this time. A 5% cashback is offered by Binomo when the user has an unproductive investment week. In addition to that, a personal account manager is here to help the Gold Account trader, whenever, wherever.


Although it goes without saying, let us tell you what is included with it. The account is opened after a $1000 cumulative deposit; the Binomo trading deposit bonus may be up to %200. And that unproductive week we mentioned, ends up with a %10 cashback with Binomo VIP accounts. A personal account manager will be in service for this account type, of course. Also, you have access to 60+ assets and free-risk deals.

How To Get Bonuses On Binomo?

The bonuses that we mentioned could be credited when you deposit the funds that you own, to your standard account. This goes the same when a bonus coupon is used. Besides that, the activation of a no-deposit bonus will end up with a credited bonus. These no-deposit bonuses are provided within the framework of company promotions(free) and also by a personal manager to Gold and VIP members(as individual offers).

How To Use Binomo?

A user-friendly interface served to its users, trading and investing through the Binomo platform must sound as practical as it really is once we explain it. And if you’re asking how to trade and make investments through it, that one we’ll explain too.

Note! If you are thinking how to “play” Binomo, it would be wrong. Binomo is a trading platform, not a game. Analytical data and knowledge to trade on it is a must.


If you are a starter for trading, Binomo really tries its best for you to learn it in the most joyful and educative ways. The website has a section named “Strategies”. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with them for both beginners and experienced traders.

However, please be aware that there isn’t any strategy that assures you with success. Alternating and developing them with time for your forecasts is basically up to you. You can find more information at the website, Binomo help center.

And as it was mentioned in the section of accounts, Demo Accounts are also a great way to learn how to trade.


Binomo tournaments are really exceptional experiences for the ones who like to vary the trading skills. Or if you are a starter, you also can test your learnings through them. To participate, there is a “Tournaments” button at the left of the panel, click it, and you’re in!

You are able to choose either paid or free tournaments, and both of the tournament types come with a unique prize fund. If you would like to participate in paid tournaments, just remember that you need to have funds in your account for those. That funds are charged automatically once you register.

How to Withdraw From Binomo?

After you can get the right forecast, it’s time to get that earned extra income! But, how? It is a bank card or an e-wallet, all you need. The one you used to your deposit. Just remember to use the same method for each withdrawal, for the sake of security.

Log in to your Binomo account, find the “Balance” button, click to the “Withdraw Funds” to withdraw. Type the amount and set a payment method for it. And, there you go, that is how you get your extra earnings through!

Note! When withdrawing funds, consider the limit of your payment system and Binomo. It cannot exceed $ 3,000 per day, $ 10,000 per week, and $ 40,000 per month.

Download App

If you have an iOS device, the Binomo App is in the App Store. And for Android users, Google Play Store is where you install it. If you are experiencing any problem through that process, Binomo also has an apk (for Android users only). You can download the apk file here:


Let’s see the user’s comments on YouTube about Binomo.

abcd xyz: “Binomo has great customer support to help if we are stuck at any point in trading. One can get in touch with them if they feel the need.”

Harshika Srivastava: “Binomo is the best way to earn extra income. It’s an excellent service platform and also has the best customer support services.”

Digitally Next: “Binomo is a leading platform to invest online and it’s a platform where you can earn a good amount of money.”

Pransu Harshotpal: “Best platform for me. It gives me so many options to trade and video is really nice.

Saloni Bhardwaj: “Good app for trading purposes and they really help you to grow. No fraud, No Scam try this if you really want to grow.”

Is Binomo Scam or Legit?

“Is Binomo fraud or scam?” “Is Binomo real or fake?” It is not possible to run away from these questions about a trading platform now. However, the safety of Binomo was assured by a number of aspects.

Binomo serves in South Africa through completely legal ways. And this statement was testified by The Financial Commission by certifying the platform for its trustworthy service. It is The Commission that tracks the user for their rights when they are in trading platforms.

Also, VMT (Verify My Trade) Certificate was given to Binomo stating that it is a credible trading platform.

By the way, IAIR awards, scripted as “a global prize for excellences in global finance and global economy”, was awarded to Binomo in 2016. And a year before that, another award named FE award was given to the platform.

So, with all these, I think Binomo is assuring you it is a very safe trading platform.


Binomo is a safe platform, offering a service that you can trust for making your investments through it and trade on it. However, please be aware of the risks of the trading; you can lose partly or totally deposit, not having trade experience and knowledge. Of course, these risks should be taken into account that get additional income.