Who are the best South African Forex traders?

Who are the best South African Forex traders?
Who are the best South African Forex traders? Image source: Pixabay

In pretty much every industry that exists, there are bound to have winners and losers. In the case of forex, it is no different. Forex market is different in that there is an extremely small gap between failure and success. This is the buffer zone that I prefer to refer to it. A zone where pretty much 90% of traders today reside. You can make millions trading or even lose it all. It may sound bleak, but that’s what it is. This is the reason why traders who succeed like in IQ Option trading competitions, or simply because they’re wealthy, are so important.

In this zone of buffers it is common to not look down and seeing the people that have faced disastrous failures, and are struggling to even make simple trades. We do not wish to learn from their mistakes. Instead we would rather concentrate on the top of the line and seek advice from the best Forex traders in the world. Look at them, aren’t they marvelous? They are the top traders that everybody dreams of becoming. They’re extremely successful, wealthy, and have lots of influence. You’d like to be as successful as them. Find out more about their lives and begin searching for the top Forex brokers.

While it might be difficult to understand the way these individuals were able to reach such heights, it is easy to gain knowledge from them because they’ve kept a thorough journal of their lives. If you’re a novice in Forex trading, absorbing the advice of these individuals will surely give you at the very least benefit. Who are these traders in the Forex market who are the most successful? Are they some mysterious creatures that are out of the realm of possibility? They’re ordinary people just like us. So without further ado, let’s get to know the stories of successful Forex trader stories in South Africa, and the world in general let’s get started, shall we?

Sandile Shezi

Here’s a warning to you before we start discussing Sandile. Sandile is, without a doubt not among the most successful traders in the world. He is a renowned Forex trader from South Africa and deserves a place in this list. In addition, since he’s so young and managed to achieve so much, he needs to be mentioned in this piece.

Sandile Shezi is a unique trader in Forex. His story is quite similar to the ones we’ll discuss below. The man had very modest beginnings in South Africa but was able to compete with many of the most prominent adult traders in the world right now. He is far more skilled than I am, as are many traders I have met. It’s fascinating to look at the risks the young man was willing to take in order to get to the point they are at today. If one little thing went wrong, he would most likely be in poverty for the remainder of his existence. However, due to his achievements and a little bit of luck, he has become an inspiration to a lot of young Forex traders in South Africa.

Sandile Shezi was born in the Ghetto. In a slum and unwelcoming neighborhood, he lived during an era when it was hard for South Africans to get jobs. He was enrolled in a local school, which required a tuition fee to be paid once in a while and Sandile used to pay for it himself. He actually was given the money and he paid the amount. He took the money and placed it in the Forex market after he had been granted the tuition money for a period of one year. When I was thinking about this, I was stunned to my core when I discovered it. It’s incredibly difficult to handle the stress, even as a 26-year-old.

But everything went well for Sandile and the result was that he made a fortune and become one of the most successful Forex traders in South Africa. But, he has admitted that with the information of his present, he wouldn’t make the same mistake. So listen closely if you are a student. Don’t make the same mistake as Sandile did. It’s very risky. The majority of Sandile’s experience in the Foreign Exchange market came after he made his fortune. Today, Sandile Shezi net worth is estimated at around $2.3 million. The Global Forex Institute is his school for Forex trading. He himself is a professor in the Institute and teaches young entrepreneurs how to understand Forex and earn a living from it. George van der Riet was his mentor, and he is the top Forex trader in South Africa. We will talk about him next.

George van der Riet

George van der Riet was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Despite the fact that life in the city was pleasant for him, he moved to the UK to start his education. After a few years of studying finance in Manchester, he became a Forex trader in one of the biggest UK finance companies. He was able to expand his knowledge in finance and set the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. After many years of working for a firm, he decided that it was time to go out on his own and started conducting trades for himself. In time, he was known as one of the most successful Forex traders in South Africa. After all the success, George decided that it was time to move back to his home country, where he was welcomed with welcoming arms. There were many job opportunities for Forex traders Cape Town, but George decided to go on his own, with his impressive business acumen. He was introduced to Sandile Shezi in 2010 after returning to South Africa and began Forex trading. Together, they established the Global Forex Institute, which is aimed at developing the Forex industry in the country. Today, George van der riet’s net worth is believed to be between $20 million and $20 million.

Ref Wayne

While you might think that there are a few Forex traders who are successful in South Africa, and that they don’t compete with one another, this is a false belief. Ref Wayne is a very similar story as Sandile Shezi. At the age of 22, he was able be one of South Africa’s top Forex traders. He then announced his status as multimillionaire.

Wayne is thought to be among the most intelligent Forex traders from South Africa, which in fact helped him to develop his own Forex institute, naming it the African Forex Institute, not to be confused with Sandile and George’s Global Forex Institute. Wayne also gave a range of Forex trading techniques for free to his followers. These were quickly picked up by ambitious South Africa Forex traders. Ref Wayne is also credited with inventing the first African cryptocurrency, the Pip coin. Ref Wayne’s net worth today is around 500 million. This solidifies his position as one of the most successful Forex traders in South Africa.