10 Best Forex Traders On Instagram

10 Best Forex Traders On Instagram

On Instagram, there’s no shortage of ideas, especially when it comes to forex trading. Yes, new learners and forex traders can learn a thing of two when they follow forex trading Instagrammers. With Instagram as one of the most wildly popular photo sharing app and social network platform to date, there are so many things that people can learn about forex trading to achieve the same success as these trading gurus.

Here are 10 of the best forex traders that you can follow on Instagram today!

  1. Austin Netzley (@netzley)

27-year-old Austin Netzley has created an automated stock trading system, which made him a fortune over time. His innovative trading system is the central figure on his Instagram; and he shows how he was able to effectively trade while keeping his 9 to 5 job. He’s also the best-selling author of Make Money, Live Wealthy; and he runs a blog called YoPro Wealth.

  1. Jabulani Ngcobo (@cashflowngcobo)

Forex guru, Jabulani Ngcobo, currently has more than 200,000 followers on his Instagram account. @cashflowngcobo is where Jabulani shows off his personal branding, blended with charts, signals and trading setups. He notifies his followers on when his next seminar and conference is, and what he’ll talk about in said events to educate new traders on successful forex trading. Also, be sure to check out his book, Cashflow Naked, for more advice on forex trading.

  1. Samuel Leach (@samuelleach)

After graduating from University in 2012, Samuel Leach went on to create Samuel and Co., which would soon become an international CPD accredited company. Now, he’s a well-known Forex trader, a Forbes contributor, and an Instagram influencer with over 300k+ followers. He frequently posts about his insights on stocks and which he believes that other traders must keep their eyes on certain stocks.

  1. Sam Seiden (@realsamseiden)

Sam Seiden is an expert, when it comes to price action trading and supply and demand analysis. He had initially created a website called fxstreet.com, where he would post about his approach to trading in fxstreet.com. Now, on Instagram, he creates and shares content in the hopes of empowering others with valuable financial market skills and strategies.

  1. @millionaire_mentor

@millionaire_mentor is an Instagrammer with visual appeal as it shows off many posts and ideas on how hopeful traders can navigate through forex trading, and make an efficient income. With creative usage of emojis, text, visuals, etc. each Instagram post has plenty of insight for followers everywhere, thus making them smarter and inspired in their trading practices.

  1. Walter Peters (@nakedforexnow)

Walter Peters, a popular currency trader and a psychology professor, comes from a background of share trading. Now, he works with a smaller community of traders at Naked Forex Now, a private online trading community.

  1. @astroForex

@astroForex is run by two British forex traders, who have both had great success in Forex. Now, on Instagram, they offer forex trading education and advice for would-be traders to efficiently navigate through their trading ventures with Forex.

  1. @invictusfx

This Instagram account posts about how traders can get into the business of trading forex. A popular Instagram account, @invictusfx regularly features posts and videos on how new traders can make a considerable profit via forex trading in a short time.

  1. Gustine Samuel (@gustinesamuel)

Gustine Samuel regularly posts images on forex trading on his Instagram. He’s also known by his Instagram followers to air live trading sessions that link to his website. He doesn’t just talk about forex trading; he also talks about cryptocurrency trading, which is an absolute plus.

  1. EFX (@everything_fx)

Want broader information on forex trading? No problem! EFX has you covered! From easy-to-understand words of advice to images of important articles and news releases on forex trading, @everything_fx is… well, everything about Forex.


Since trading is an art that can be executed successfully (when done correctly, and when learned from the right people), you’ll know what’s expected of trading, as told by Warren Buffet:

  • Rule 1: Never lose money. AND,

  • Rule 2: Remember Rule 1.

In addition, understand that no trader is perfect, and may experience hardship in their trading. However, with inspiration from these 10 Instagrammers specializing in forex trading, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the prize, while setting realistic expectations on your trading venture.

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