Checklist to Set up QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud Server


With numerous QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services available, it gets quite tough for the user to select the proper one. Therefore the businesses need to know in detail about the service provider before opting for one.

As there are a lot of aspects of a cloud service provider that needs to be seen before finalizing a service, so we are going to give you a checklist that will help you set up the QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud server. These are the few features that the hosting service should come up with:

High-Performance Server

The performance of the server is a really important factor for selecting a QuickBooks Hosting service. The dependability of the operations aspect is neglected with the focus on the price and service. But the underlying architecture of QuickBooks Cloud Server is really important to be inquired before opting for any of the services.

If it is one of the renowned cloud service providers then your business will get a High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment for hosting. With this, there would come the options of parallel processing with high output. Therefore, the users would not face any kind of lag while using the QuickBooks software on the cloud.

As you already know that the performance of the server can take your business forward in a really smooth manner. So, make sure that you do not compromise with the server while dealing with the other aspects of cloud service.

Proper Customer Support

Highly-trained assistants should be accessible to guide you in case you face any issue related to QuickBooks usage or have queries to get a better grip on the cloud hosting platform. These consultants need to be available 24×7, ensuring that the users do not face any technical problems or wait for the commencement of the next working hours.

Advanced Security

The most valuable asset for a business is the information and data. Both hold the key to the success and growth of the company. The priority of a business should be to protect the data from unauthorized access. The good news is that there are a number of ways to do it.

The data security challenges like system failure, theft, virus, theft, and more can be the reason for the data breach. It can lead to the tampering or destruction of data. That is why the data security on cloud needs expertise management from the provider.

With cloud hosting service you should get data encryption and 24×7 network-monitoring, delivering superior protection for your data. With a fully-clustered, multi-tier infrastructure, it ensures industry-standard data security.

Implementation of authentication control:

Access control
Backups and recovery
Data masking
More of such ways to secure the data

These data security features ensure the protection of the data during:

System failure
Data breaching
Data loss
Disaster/ accident

The protection of data not only saves the file but also the long-term credibility of the provider. The main focus lies in safeguarding the reputation built over the years that can be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to data security on the cloud, concepts like the implementation of multi-factor authentication and setting strict permissions become important.

While choosing a cloud hosting service, the security of the provider should be explored broadly. This should always be seen as a precautionary aspect as the complete data goes directly into the hands of third parties. Remember, reliability, trust, and security of the service provider should be atop of every SMBs’ priority list.

Daily File Backup

The cloud service should take the daily backup of the files automatically so your files stay safe even within the worst state of affairs.

Instant Accessibility to Multiple Users and Devices

Multiple users should be able to access the data and files from any place around the world. The accessibility needs to be open to anyone possessing any internet-enabled devices.

Higher Uptime

There are different unique selling propositions of the hosting providers but uptime matters the most when it comes to business productivity. One should not rely on hosting providers having less uptime. Just those cloud hosting companies that use advanced cloud infrastructure and are ensuring 99.99% uptime should be considered.


These are some of the important aspects that should be kept in mind while switching from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Cloud Server. When choosing the Cloud Service, keep these things in mind for meeting a growthful business in the future.

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