10 Tips Before You Buy a Domain Name

10 Tips Before You Buy a Domain Name
10 Tips Before You Buy a Domain Name

You are planning to mark your presence in the world of business online and looking for the domain name for your business site. It’s true that without online presence these days it’s very difficult to survive. You need to choose a domain name which perfectly suits the image and brand of your business from a trusted domain registrar. It is important not only for the search engine but also for the search engines. We are sharing a few tips with you which you can consider before you buy a domain name.

Do in-depth research:

Just spend some time to research before buying the domain name. Look for sites with a similar form of business besides competitors’ domain names. You can take help of websites which can help you find suitable domain names related to your business. Check available domains using keywords or industry names and pick the one that suits your business best. Get your Domain Name Registration done from a trusted site. 

Select a domain which will be easy to recall and type:

In case you want site optimization for search engines, what you need is a domain name that will be easy to recall and type for the targeted audience. Stay away from tough spellings for words, special characters, numbers, etc. The moment one hears your domain name freely think how to type it to reach your business information. Avoid selecting names with multiple spelling and this will make people confused. You may decide to go for both forms of spelling and direct one to the other. Even in the technologically advanced world, word of mouth is an interesting and effective marketing tool. A simple domain name makes it easy for people to share with friends and relatives for your site.

Stay away from slang terms:

We recommend you to avoid the use of any slang terms in the domain name. We suggest you pick such a name which will stay meaningful even for the coming 10 years. It will make it easy to remember and understood even for the non-native speakers. If you wish or not wish to do business internationally, it will be an excellent choice for the local audience as well.

Go for a domain which is short and simple and not long and complicated:

Bigger the domain name is, more it will be complicated for the audience to remember. Chances of misspelling will be quite high. Best single word names of domain are indeed taken long back, but still, there are ways to taking long domain names if you can use your creative mind. If case you have a preferred single word which you madly like but not available, then do add some adjective before the name and look for variations if available. Visualize the domain name like your brand, and ensure it fits the mindset of people who are your target audience.

Go for .com if you can:

In general, people prefer a domain name which comes with .com. In case you are getting a domain, name ending with other extensions like .net, .info, or .org, etc. you need to work extra to ensure it comes with a different extension for your audience. Avoid assuming that you are bound to buy domains only with .com. There are countless sites which performed so well using other extensions.

 Avoid buying domains which are trademarked: 

In case you are targeting to buy any trademarked word in your domain name for confusing target audience, then you are ensuring to get sued ending up with the surrender of the domain name. Let’s consider that you are not in a mood to create confusion, then that does not erase your possibility to face legal challenges for buying a trademarked term in the business site domain name. It’s your responsibility to make sure no one is having the trademark of the name that you wish to consider for your business domain.


Avoid buying a domain which looks similar to any existing site:

Let’s consider that the domain you choose is not trademarked, don’t it can be the one which is of a slight variation of another existing domain name. Avoid buying such domain. Don’t take plurals in case the singular is already taken or making some addition for example “my” or some similar preposition. We recommend you to buy all variations and then link them up. This will help your target audience to type one such variation, and he/she will be redirected to the main site.

Apply hyphens for a user-friendly domain name:

Apply hyphens for separating words of your domain name. It will be easy for the audience to read and will also be easy for the search engines in recognizing the separate words. In maximum cases, we miss out hyphens when we type domain names. If you wish to make use of hyphens in the domain name, then avoid going with the one having three or more hyphens. It will confuse the audience rather than making it user-friendly. 

DO not include numbers in the domain

Don’t include numbers in the domain name. Chances are quite high for visitors to get confused and difficult to remember if its a digit or a word. In case you wish to include a number in the domain name just because there is a number in the company name, then buy both digit and word domain and link one with other.

Look for the availability of social media sites

Once you select a word for your domain name, check if that particular word or phrase available for you or not on the popular social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and also Tumblr. In case if you are not having any plan to take advantage of social media platform at the current scenario, remember that you’ll need this option in the coming time when you will be ready for the same. It will be the easiest option if you get the scope to use the same phrase on every site of yours.

 For buying the best domain for your business site look for a Web Hosting having good reputation and popularity in the industry. 

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