Top 5 WordPress Themes to Choose for Your Artist Website

Top 5 WordPress Themes to Choose for Your Artist Website
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The internet has become an excellent medium for global exposure. In the times when most of the activities are shifted online thanks to websites and mobile apps, it becomes important to hold a website of one’s own to create their unique identity on the internet. However, managing a website is not easy for people coming from a non-technical background. However, with the use of CMS (Content Management System)s of today, it has become easier to manage and build a website while not having to write code for it.

Content Management Systems

There are various content management systems available for all users that provide excellent services to build and manage websites. WordPress is the most popular of them that offers the best features and fits every type of website needs with its easy to use interface and user-friendly support. Also, to facilitate user-centric interfaces, custom website designs are also available for use, named themes, to provide users control over how their websites look.

Top 5 WordPress Themes for Creating Artist Websites

Art is in everything and everywhere. Choosing a subtle theme that provides an amazing and eye-catching interface to show off your arts and gain the interest of users within a second is difficult. However, from the piles of all available themes for artists, here are the top five recommended by professionals and for beginners to start website designing and management with ease.

  1. Divi

Despite being a vivid theme suiting all business concepts, designing your artist website using Divi is easier. The support offered by this theme is incredibly easy to use and the effects are displayed right away. The features offered by Divi ensure even a person not belonging to a technical background can use the theme to manage the website with its excellent feature supporting drag and drop of objects. Select an entity from given options, drag and drop it on the work area and it is added on the website, it is that simple.

The Divi Builder included in the theme is monolithic and provides excellent options for changing the way how your website looks without having to code anything. It includes numerous customizable templates that provide excellent support for building and maintaining the portfolio where you can easily showcase the best of your art samples to attract more viewers. Powering users to control their website on their own terms, Divi becomes an ideal theme to choose for every user, a professional developer, an artist or just a freelancer.

  1. Blaze

If you are in for a monochromic design, Blaze is the perfect one to choose from all available. Providing support for building portfolios- in the most formal way possible, Blaze offers many home page designs to craft your website according to your choice. Moreover, the total absence of color in the entire theme and all layouts can help focus on the things that are most important in the entire website- your art samples.

The blaze has smooth transitions and rollovers- spread across the entire theme, delighting the eyes while highlighting the heading with bold fonts to make every point clear. If you want to distinguish your art- from the rest competitors, Blaze is the one that highlights you from the cloud of all available and provides excellent support when used with plugins. Blaze comes with a visual composer that makes it easier to change the default colors and try out the color schemes that work best for you.

  1. Werkstatt

An artist requires a creative theme to showcase his/her skills at the maximum. And Werkstatt understands it as it provides fully-fledged support for building an artistic website that contains the art sample at its core. You may not find space for putting up texts, but the art pieces of yours can be glorified with the theme settings and the space saved dedicated to them.

Werkstatt includes different templates that can be used for a variety of purposes but the core concept remains the same- highlighting the art/images. If you want to save the time that gets invested during the portfolio building, this theme offers more than fifteen artistic portfolio details ready to put in use. Moreover, the feature of drag and drop, unlimited listing layouts, SVG icons, auto-updates of theme and plugins (Bundles) and more are the icing on the cake.

  1. Alona

A creative approach in itself, Alona is a theme that follows the minimalistic approach that helps it deliver excellent results at the end. A full-screen experience provider, this theme is all that you need if you believe in “the simplicity is beauty”. Alona provides four different options for portfolio creation while the center of the entire theme is the concept of catching the viewer’s attention just as they land on the website.

An excellently crafted home page and use of shortcodes help the developers maintain the website without having to worry much. Following the approach of fitting a “frame” within the browser window powers it entirely differently and helps in creating a unique impact on the viewers that can give a boost to your online artist profile and redefine boundaries that are expandable than others.

  1. Uncode

A central theme for all artists- whether you are a graphic designer, painter, house decorator or any other, Uncode has got your requirements covered. Branding your work becomes easier with the templates offered in this theme and the visual composer that provides great support to create your own website from the templates available. The integration of plugins that help enable rotating of various elements and customize the best piece of art you have got- with the iLightbox plugins are some noteworthy perks earned with this theme.

Offering six menu styles that are different from each other, multiple font choices to select from and SVG logo for better user experience- this theme is an entire pack for every artistic need that can arise in the future. It has extensive media library support- allowing to use SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram and more. Also, the developers have included video tutorials for making the best use of this theme that can be learned by beginners and professionals both.

Summing Up

There are a lot many artist themes available for WordPress websites to put to use. The more you explore this particular space, the more references and suiting themes can be found. However, choosing the ones that also fulfil the security constraints well and provide excellent support for creating the website you have always desired is advisable. Therefore, before arriving at any conclusion, it becomes important to check for the security aspects included in the theme you have selected.

Apart from the above-mentioned themes, there are plenty of other themes to work with that also provide excellent services just like these. Following the budget constraint and provided time limit, easy to manage and affordable WordPress theme should be chosen that provides more options than any other theme when compared with any other. 

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