Importance of a Good Web Design

Importance of a Good Web Design
Importance of a Good Web Design. image source: Pixabay

For a business, a website plays a very important role. And for that, a good, responsive web design is a must. Or if you are considering redesigning your website then you already know how important web design is. Your website is one of the main aspects of your brand’s online reputation. So to grow and nurture your business leads the right website design is needed and regular maintenance is important too.

Here in this article, we will discuss why you need to take care of your website design and how it is helping your brand.

Better First Impression: When the audience visits your website they have the first impression regarding how easy your website to navigate, how much information you are providing, and how the website design makes their eyes comfortable. It actually gives them a first impression regarding your business. If they feel your website is outdated or the web design is pretty much old and not appealing they may leave your site and you can miss a potential lead. So a good web design helps your leads to stay more time on your website and browse the features you are offering.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy: There are some website design elements that influence how you create and publish new content to your website which affects search engine crawlers and spiders to index your website. So, you cannot mess up with these things. This actually increases the visibility of your website. So a responsive and SEO friendly web design is a must. The best way to get it done when you don’t have enough knowledge regarding this is to hire a reputed web design agency to do that.

Boosts Revenue: More sales means more revenue. A professional, well researched, updated, well-designed website can attract more visitors. More visitor means more sales and it will lead to more revenue. That’s simple.

Bounce Rates: This is a very important ranking factor. Bounce rate is actually a percentage of visitor’s entry and exit from your website after a first impression. So the bounce rate became high when the visitor leaves your website without clicking further to your other website pages. If you have a higher bounce rate like over 85% or 90% that means people arrive at your website and leave immediately. This is purely a bad sign if you have a higher bounce rate. So you need to keep it low. In this case, a solid web design and good user experience are highly important.

Build Trust with Audience: People don’t trust those websites that are not updated regularly and where web design is very poor. They may feel your website as shady if you don’t have an updated web design.

Think that you have a business website and you offer such business and when a high-profile businessman visits your website and only for a poor web design they don’t feel it trustworthy and leave your website or pick you as an option to think later. But if they like the first impression of your website they may email you or join you with the chatbox. So it’s important to build trust with your audience.

Establishing a good responsive web design is important for getting a consistent brand identity, business credibility, trustworthiness, authority, and having a professional website helps you get more revenue which is most important in the end.