The art of getting real Instagram followers

The art of getting real Instagram followers
The art of getting real Instagram followers. Image source: Supplied

Among the various social media applications, the Generation Y availed to be a part of the social media community, Instagram has been among the few other applications to survive the test of time.  

Launched as a photo and video sharing, fun social media application in 2010 only for iOS devices, Instagram has seen a resurgence in its community since then. With an Android compatible version and a website interface being launched in 2012 and an application for Windows 10 tablets and computers in 2016, Instagram has made efforts to be more and more available to its users.

What was once the hub for photo and video sharing purposes, has now turned into a major platform for online promotions, campaigns, networking and audience building for both a brand and an individual.

In scenarios like these, it might be a major concern of yours to increase the number in your followers’ list on Instagram. Visit Buzzoid’s and find the top plans for increasing the number of followers for your account. The following 5 options are guaranteed to get your Instagram account the most followers all of whom are genuine users.

Make your hashtag reach the masses:

It is common knowledge that Instagram has made the use of hashtags popular among the masses. These hashtags come in handy when describing the subject in short and also catchy when being discussed.

Once you have created such a hashtag for your purpose, the next step would be to make these hashtags integrate among the masses.

The common ways to do so would be to advertise your hashtag solely, broadcast it over the radio or television. This would intrigue the masses and in turn, will boost your follower number.

Update your bio:

Buzzoid’s new real likes identify the bio of an Instagram account as its most essential component. The bio of an Instagram account is instrumental in generating the first impression. Update your bio most creatively frequently, Make use of clickable links and provide some description about your account in words that would be eye candy

Describe your content with words:

Understand that in its core Instagram is still photo and video sharing application it was originally meant to be. Provide a good description of your photos and videos.

When uploading a photo or a video describing the content such that the masses get interested and read further. At the end of the description, you can always provide the link to your website or account and invite them to enjoy more such content.

Manage tagged photos:

Unwanted tagged photos can generate negative reception for your Instagram account as it can vary significantly from the content you promote. Manage your tagged photos and hide the unwanted ones from your profile. It would be easier if you avail the option to approve your tagged photos before they show up on your profile. 


According to Buzzoid’s new real likes, using geographic locations on Instagram and understanding what is trending in your target location and creating your content accordingly, boosts the chances of you garnering more followers.