Something about Comcast email for starters

Something about Comcast email for starters
Something about Comcast email for starters

Comcast Corporation ranks among one of the largest mass media and communications companies in the United States and North America.

It is known for providing the best internet and telephone services to American consumers.

Apart from that, the company is known to provide American users with the best email services.

For those wishing to experience Comcast email services at a good level but are unsure how to configure it on their Windows PC, they have not much to worry about.

All they need to do is they need to follow certain steps to configure Comcast email services properly.

They can in fact even ask for assistance from Comcast’s technical support division or follow the following instructions.

The starter’s guide for Comcast email setup

How to access it?

It is easy. Via email programs that have been installed on your Windows computer, users can use them to access Comcast email. When they have configured it, they can access their account on their web browsers without any issues.

If they are not sure over which program to use, they can search for the suitable program on their PC or contact Comcast’s support team in this matter.

Here are some steps for users in configuring Comcast email using two major email programs on their computer system.

For Windows Mail

In terms of configuring it on Windows mail, users must go to All programs menu from the Start Menu. Then they should click on Windows Mail.

On the menu bar, users will be able to see the Tools option. After accessing it, they should then click on Accounts.

Then they should click on Add after choosing their account. Afterward, they should click on Next to bring in the display name field.

When the display field pops up, users must type their desired username which is needed for the email address they wish to create.

Then from there, they must type their email address and then click on ‘Next’ to then continue to type in the internet server field.

In the outgoing server field option, they should click on

Afterward, users can then create their Comcast username in the accounting field (and likewise for the password) Alternatively, users can click on the ‘Remember Password’ option if they want their computer to remember it.

However, in case they are using public computers, they should then avoid it. In the end, they should click on Finish to complete Comcast account configuration on Windows Mail.

For Windows Live Mail

Users can set their Comcast email account on Windows Live Mail through the following steps:

  • Opening their Windows Live Mail and then go to Account Menu.
  • Then clicking on add sign to add an account, email address, password and display name for their account.
  • Remembering to put a check on the manually configure server settings’ checkbox.
  • Clicking on Next to continue to the server address, where they must type in the incoming server field and in the outgoing server field.
  • In the incoming server information, users should check on require a secure connection (SSL) and requires authentication code fields.
  • In the outgoing server information, they should enter 465 in the port field.
  • To end the configuration process, they should click on Finish.

Is Comcast’s email service worth the buck?

After initially establishing itself as a cable distribution company in the 60s in Mississippi, Comcast has come a long way since then and is today headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Comcast is facing competition from the likes of Gmail, Hotmail, and others.

Gmail is most commonly used as it provides a host of digital solutions and a possible operating system (hence a fully digital and software ecosystem).

Comcast rebranded its internet and email services as Xfinity and promised to give customers a top-class experience.

It recently experienced security lapses and issues (with hackers from countries like Chile and Ecuador fooling Comcast users). Some Xfinity accounts were hacked.

Another issue is that the user base of Xfinity base is the loyal users of Comcast and Xfinity who have been using its services for more than a decade.

Comcast is upgrading its email services and is also upgrading the internet services it offers.