5 Best Off-Page SEO Strategies in 2019

5 Best Off-Page SEO Strategies in 2019
Off-Page SEO Strategies. Image source: Pixabay


Let us begin with some basic questions about Off-Page SEO strategies-

  • Are you looking to grow your website traffic with some new and innovative digital marketing strategies?
  • Do you know the difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO strategies?
  • Does Off-Page SEO help boost website traffic, metrics, sales and revenues for a brand?
  • What are some of the major Off-Page SEO strategies that you can pursue for your brand?
  • What is the period that can be expected after executing the strategies? (when can you start expecting results from it)

You have set up your website and have optimised it according to Google’s guidelines. This means you are already done with the On-Page SEO part. In digital marketing terms, you have already achieved making your website search engine friendly.

Now you need to amplify your SEO efforts. This means getting word out about your website and start looking at attracting website traffic. Off-Page SEO helps in exploring and investing in platforms that are not your website. This means that there are other digital platforms, which can help in sending traffic to your website.

Off-Page SEO Strategies: Meaning and Definition-

For many people, Off-Page SEO is all about building ‘backlinks’. Google counts quality backlinks as one of the top three ranking factors.

Yes, Off-Page SEO strategies help you in getting backlinks for your website. However, they also perform a range of functions including-

  • Building your online credibility and fostering trust in your brand.
  • Improving SEO metrics and health by gaining online real estate in industry authority sites.
  • Helping in lead generation campaigns and sales conversions. Thereby, having a direct impact on your revenues.
  • Driving significant volume of relevant and related website traffic to your brand website.

If you are pursuing digital marketing in any way, either as a brand or as a professional, you will often raise a question- does Off-Page SEO really work, or is it just a made-up strategy to fool businesses?

With Google updating its algorithms nearly 600 times every year, some Off-Page strategies that were relevant are simply outdated in 2019. This means that they are not going to have any effect when it comes to your ranking, website traffic, metrics or any other benefits.

If you want to see results, you need to stay updated with the latest and most useful Off-Page SEO strategies of 2019. Most of the Off-Page SEO strategies have been categorised by Google as ‘Black Hat Strategies’ as they do not fall within Google’s Quality Guidelines.

In this article, we are going to look at the best and most relevant Off-Page SEO strategies for brands in 2019. These strategies are 100% White Hat and fall within Google’s quality guidelines.

5 Best Off-Page SEO Strategies in 2019: The List

  1. Blogger Outreach Services-

Blogger Outreach is the process of reaching out to bloggers/publishers in your industry and asking them to publish your content on their website. When you are pursuing blogger outreach through an expert Blogger Outreach Company, you will only work with the best industry authority bloggers.

Bloggers have a huge following in terms of influencing their audiences. By pitching a great content idea and negotiating prices, you can get your backlinks placed in high authority sites.

For Google, Blogger Outreach is right on top of the list as a credible White Hat strategy. All it needs to be successful is great quality content that is informative, useful and productive for users.

  1. Guest Posting Services-

Along with blogger outreach, guest posting has emerged as one of the top three Off-Page SEO strategies in 2019. Guest Posting is the process of contributing an article of value to a related website with the intention of securing backlinks, developing relationships and building credibility.

The most defining quality of guest posting or guest blogging is making your content do all the talking. Outreaching to industry authority sites who accept guest posts is also something that is painstaking.

Guest Posting continues to enjoy its status as the top Inbound Marketing strategy of 2019. Guest posting helps in getting new website traffic secures quality backlinks and helps directly and indirectly in revenue generation.

  1. Quora Marketing-

With over 100 million users, Quora offers a goldmine for Off-Page SEO strategies. The key is to engage with answer threads in your industry niche and offer high quality answers. People on Quora are looking for solutions to problems.

They have already crossed the first threshold of being a consumer. Rather than going after prospective users and consumers, Quora already filters in interested consumers through its platform.

By adding a high quality answer to your industry, you can place a backlink of your website. You can ask people that if they are looking for solutions, may be this can be a viable alternative. Always remember, the aim is to ‘convince and convert’.

  1. Social Media Platforms as a ground for Off-Page SEO-

The digital is an inter-connected and inter-dependent universe. With over 4 billion users, no one can afford to ignore social media platforms. A great Off-Page SEO strategy looks to drive traffic from social media to a brand website.

This can be anything- from product display posts on social media to links bringing users to an ecommerce site. It can also be an informative website blog link, which users will click and come to your website’s blog page.

Social media is one of the most powerful and potent platforms to drive audiences to your website. Like all digital platforms, the quality of content determines how users are going to engage with you.

  1. Content Platforms-

While this strategy might overlap with Guest Posting, it is different in terms of the readership. Content Publishing Platforms are multi-category industry authority sites that enjoy millions of users every month.

In contrast, a niche site gets dedicated users every month. Some examples of the highest rated content sites are Medium, Slideshare, and Tumblr. These platforms are dedicated to users who are looking for content to consume. In many ways, these platforms are also different from Q and A platforms like Quora.

Content platforms are great for attracting high volume traffic to your website. Most of the traffic is dedicated, segregated and upwardly mobile. This means that it is a great prospect if you are looking for potential customers for your brand.


There are many other Off-Page SEO strategies like answering on forums, visual marketing, and contest giveaways. However, in my experience the above 5 strategies are the holy grail of Off-Page SEO.

If you are serious about achieving results and benefits of Off-Page SEO, you should definitely pursue the above 5 strategies. Once you have already started engaging with them, you can move on to lesser important ones.

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