Proven ways of making money online

Proven ways of making money online
Proven ways of making money online. Image source: Pixabay

Earning money has often been associated with the traditional routine of waking up and going to a workplace daily. With the advent of internet, the world now revolves around it.

Thanks to it, a lot of people can now earn at home. In fact, advancements in the internet have helped many works from home with relative ease and thus have the best ways to make money online.

The platform users wish to choose in earning online should be selected carefully. With the online world host to numerous scams that have put many in loss, there are many platforms that are legitimate and have always been able to pay on time.
Let us now have a look at some of the best ways of making bucks online today.

1. Freelance web design and development

These days, businesses must have their own website. Today’s business landscape has become a tough one. Those who understand the A to Z of websites can help small businesses set up their own websites and help them start earning from it.

Websites need consistent maintenance, frequent updates and continuous checking. This can help add to the revenue of freelance web designers and developers. This role is lucrative, but it all depends on what the client has assigned.

2. Betting without any risk for sports matches

One of the quickest ways to make good money (without breaking the law) is through sports betting (without risk). Many students have earned good amounts of money without risk. When it comes to tax, it would be wise to check Canadian laws.

3. Online surveys

For students, an increasingly popular way for students to make money is filling out online surveys in their spare time. Marketing research companies are always recruiting new members around the world in answering surveys and testing new products.
When students take just a few minutes for filling the forms, they can make a good amount of buck, paid as cash in banks accounts or as other incentives. Some incentives can offer C$6 for surveys.

Some good online survey platforms to try are as under:

Branded Surveys.
Opinion Outpost.
Panel Base.
Valued Opinions.
Panel Opinion.
The Opinion Panel.
Survey Junkie.

4. Getting paid for internet searching

This ranks among the easiest methods of making money online without much effort. Professionals of SEO in Toronto agree upon this as well. This innovative concept through rewards by gives people incentive to search for various queries on either Google or Bing. All that is needed is a simple add-on to web browsers and when a web search is conducted, a few sponsored results come along with the normal search.

5. Making a website for affiliate marketing

A lot of tutorials related to web design and development are present online. Among the most common tasks are choosing the domain, design and templates for the site. Once the site is up and running, site owners must sign up for Google Adsense.

Once that icon appears on that site, visitors must click on it helping site owners earn a good buck.

A high traffic raises the prospect of good earnings from that site. This newly made website can also be used as a tool for affiliate marketing. Site owners should give brands the opportunity to insert web links on that site. When visitors click on these links to buy something, site owners are sure to make a good earning.

6. Social media influencer as a freelance role

Social media has a broad range of uses in business. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are good platforms when it comes to making money. Brands and businesses alike are paying social media influencers a good number of bucks to raise popularity of their products/services.

It should be kept in mind that social media requires consistency, energy, relevancy and time. Those who are working in this role freelance should share content and interact with their followers regularly so as to make it work.


These recommendations were determined through a thorough research conducted by seasoned professionals from a full-service digital agency based in Toronto with offices in San Jose, Vancouver and Panama City. These ways are proven to provide the best buck to Canadians wanting to make money from home.