Pioneers of all-inclusive holidays, Club Med, unveils new brand identity

Pioneers of all-inclusive holidays, Club Med, unveils new brand identity
Club Med

Since 1950 Club Med has been driven by a pioneering spirit and has established its position as the inventor of the all-inclusive holiday and kids club concept. With nearly 70 resorts in 32 countries, the Club Med brand is constantly growing to offer its customers a carefree, stress-free holiday experience in exceptional destinations.

Now, Club Med is revamping its image and updating its artistic direction to continue to maintain its position as the leading brand for all-inclusive, lifestyle and high-end holidays. The revamp sees changes being made to both its communication tools and its resorts worldwide.

For its first rebranding since 2014, Club Med is unveiling a new brand identity guided by its high-end positioning. A more contemporary, premium style, yet still in keeping with the very essence of what Club Med offers: simplicity, indulgence, nature and freedom.  This new design has been developed by Club Med’s internal teams in collaboration with creative studio around three creative principles:

  • Simplicity: Less is more
  • Personality: A strong and unique style
  • Exclusivity: A more premium approach

The new corporate identity features reinterpreted and harmonised logos, a brand new colour palette inspired by elements of plants and the Earth, and new typography with a more pronounced look. A new, revised iconography that better embodies the lifestyle that the Club Med experience offers.

Club Med
Club Med

The brand’s new, modernised approach will also be brought to life in its portfolio of resorts, with roll-out scheduled to begin at the end of 2023. Laura Hendel, marketing manager for Club Med Southern Africa, is excited by this new brand identity and is proud to be part of a company which understands the importance of ongoingly reinventing itself and staying ahead of the pack. “With this new corporate identity, Club Med really steps aways from the classical travel brand expression and reaffirms its commitment to being the most desirable holiday lifestyle brand. The new brand expression will allow us to feature our uniqueness and what Club Med is all about: creating happiness and moments of bliss in the most beautiful corners of the world. We deliver more than just a hospitality service, and with the growth of our Exclusive Collection range, this new corporate identity embodies that, with us, you can expect luxury, but without the bling,” says Hendel.

Along with the brand revamp, and in a bid to affirm its desire to go further, Club Med is developing various brand content by calling on different artists and signing collaborations to achieve the ambitions it has set itself. A shift in focus to provide content that is more editorial in nature, while remaining faithful to the DNA and uniqueness of the brand.


Pending the gradual roll-out of a new website, planned for November 2023, Club Med’s current website has been given a makeover in line with this new identity. The sleeker website lays the foundation for this rebranding project. The objective is to familiarise the user with the graphic and iconographic changes of the new, minimalist and premium website.

“I believe that those who know, and love Club Med will receive our new look well since the core element: the trident, remains and is actually enhanced” Hendel adds.