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Flume Digital Marketing

Since onboaring the Ascendis Group as a client in 2019, Flume Digital Marketing and PR has achieved promising results despite a difficult retail environment and high competition in the sector. Junglevites and Bettaway are two multivitamin brands in the Ascendis stable that have managed to shine since coming on board at the end of 2020. Jacques Du Bruynco-founder and MD of Flume, describes the brands’ progress.

“We had our hands full with winter-focussed immune campaigns as well as development of new websites for both Junglevites and Bettaway”, said Du Bruyn. The uptake of the immune campaigns has been better than we could have hoped. We spearheaded a competition for Junglevites with a purpose-built landing page, earning over 14 000 entries and shattering client expectations”.

Insights collected from numerous platforms throughout the campaigns show fantastic results over the period between 20 April and 20 July, with Facebook and Instagram combined achieving 9 872 325 impressions, 67 266 link clicks and 391 526 post engagements. In total, a whopping 195 557 link clicks were achieved through Facebook, Instagram, Display Gmail and search over the period.

The Flume team are exceptionally proud of the results obtained, driving brand strategy and delivering great value for Ascendis. Plans for the future include a strong focus on search engine optimisation for the new sites being developed by Flume.