What’s Connectio And How You Can Profit From It


Do you need a powerful tool to help you use Facebook Ads more effectively? Here’s the solution. Connectio is the number one tool for marketing, analysis, and projection of Facebook ads in real time. When you need a unique tool to make your voice on Facebook louder and more distinctive, go for this solutions.

What Connectio Is All About

As a marketing tool developed in the Netherlands by online marketing wizard Wilco de Kreij, the Connectio option recognizes many different markets and make a powerful marketing strategy for each client. Pushing over the limits is sometimes highly rewarding, but you should know how to do it on Facebook. That’s where this tool can help you.

With 4 different tools, Connectio covers all aspects of Facebook presence. These tools are divided into different categories so that you can find:

• ConnectAudience – It is the tool with a lot of potential. You can increase your revenue per subscriber up to unbelievable 243%, and you can also set up a retargeting campaign that boosts your conversion rate better than any standard email marketing solution.

• ConnectLeads – This system is created to build automated subscriber lists without any need to collect emails. If you wonder how this is possible, we have an answer. ConnectLeads adds new subscribers to your email list with the help of Facebook’s Lead Ads. Your subscriber list grows every time the users click to subscribe. Include new subscribers into your funnel and autoresponder almost instantly. It is all done via Facebook. Your CRM/autoresponder will be completely connected to Facebook Lead Ads.

• ConnectRetarget – Have you ever wondered how to skyrocket profits with an entirely automated conversion boost? ConnectRetarget is another tool that makes a difference in your Facebook marketing strategy. Retargeting seems to be highly effective when used in the right way. Customers need to see your ad multiple times in order to buy your product or service. That’s when the power of retargeting comes to light. A strong and bold message should go all over Facebook before you make sales. Retargeting is fully automated and based on tremendous knowledge about effective targeting and conversions.

• ConnectExplore – A single ad campaign can target Facebook buyers that actually buy products. With ConnectExplore, it is all possible, because smart research tools find interests that your competition doesn’t recognize. All those buyers that are interested in your product will be there to see your ads. As a result, you could make more than $9,000 in profits from a single ad campaign. Your Facebook marketing will be completely different with ConnectExplore.

Change Your Perspective

Having the tools is more than a simple strategy. It is a unique approach to Facebook Ads in times when so many marketers want to be there reaching out for profits. You could be the one with a smarter tool. This marketing tool works perfectly with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, and other site builders that are made for selling and promoting. Make your Facebook strategy more effective and see why so many marketers choose Connectio when they want to boost sales and increase conversions. Marketing comes easy with this tool.

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