What is Designrr?


Designrr is an online software designed by OnePageTraffic, and created to help content marketers, ebook creators, video and audio creators, marketing agencies, course creators, and small businesses. This online software launched in April of 2016. Their goal is to help small businesses and agencies create excellent content with ease through this software. The CEO and founder of OnePageTraffic is Paul C. Bannister.

In 2014 and 2015, OnePageTraffic spent much time on their blog writing long-form content. Their intent was to bring great value to their readers. Then they started converting blog posts into ebooks, but the drawback was that it took many hours to form such books; in fact, it took three separate tools to form one book. They believed there was a more efficient way to do this task, and they had a passion to resolve issues such as this. In the year 2016, the program was launched, and it took minutes for it to compose ebooks and lead magnets for their blogs. They took feedback from their customers, witnessed many more opportunities, and discovered the uses of their online software in ways they couldn’t have imagined. They created the software to be a powerful content re-purposing that was able to create eBooks, form blogposts from a variety of content sources, and with the ability to re-purpose audio and video material into writing material (ebook or blog post). They claim this to be just the beginning for the software. By the way, Designrr is greatly embraced by many of their customers.


The software is capable of creating ebooks, flipbooks, blog posts, and it converts an audio or video file into an ebook, but Designrr first transcribes the audio/video file before reformatting it into an ebook. Designrr claims to be the only utility capable of importing material from any source; also claiming to cover all publishing formats. This online software is able to transcript videos or podcasts in 1/10th of its length.


However, with such an amazing utility, there is always a price. They offer three business plans: “Pro”, “Premium”, and “Business”. “Pro” costs 39 dollars per month, “premium” costs 49 dollars per month, and “business” costs 99 dollars per month. As for agency plans, “agency premium” costs 249 dollars per month. The “pro” plan offers more than 200 cover designs, a 3d cover image tool, page numbering and table of contents generator, import from a variety of sources, and a free seven-day trial. “Premium” offers all “pro” benefits, flip-book generator, a Facebook group, and 4 transcription hours. “Business” offers all “pro” and “premium” benefits, and 8 transcription hours. “Agency Premium” offers 25 transcription hours, more than 5 users availability, custom template creator, on-boarding concierge, and 24/7 support.


Designrr also has its own blog that teaches you how to use their software. They teach, on their blog, how to create a PDF flipbook in two minutes, how to publish one’s podcast show notes, and how to publish an ebook in five steps with ease, and how to create a book from Facebook posts. Their blog has many guides in using their software for these purposes.