Video Marketing Strategy: An insight

Video Marketing is the basis of leading marketing strategy that blends alluring video to your marketing campaigns; video marketing can be used from building brand’s rapport, to promote services and products of a company. Viral video marketing strategy used to engage customer through social networking platforms to build rapport and achieve other objectives through appealing video to increase brand awareness for product and services which organizations are offering. Viral video marketing gains audience through sharing of videos by social media users.

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Video Marketing Tips

Increased traffic is every marketer’s goal to achieve maximum audience through engaging content for different objectives; there are some effective marketing techniques which can be used to promote business objectives research shows that video related traffic on web thought to accommodate 80% of the internet traffic by 2019, and researchers expect that 75% traffic accessing through mobile would be related to video and 33% of all traffic today on web actively involved to see video related content. These are techniques to acquire share for your videos on the huge web traffic and marketers should know how to use these techniques to engage customer and coming back for more

  • People’s span of attention is tiny, so try to make first 10 to 15 seconds of your videos alluring and engaging to capture the short span of attention of people.
  • People get inspire from other people so use people in videos and foremost use their close-up faces to show emotions, people are emotional and they effected by emotions of other people. Admit it, that you have brought to tears once in your life, seeing a soldier returning from war to his or her family.
  • Psychological research states that people mirror the emotional and behavioral aspects of people they are positively engaged with so try to emphasize positive side of people towards your product or service to achieve business objectives.
  • Tell story rather than solely focusing on sales, people don’t buy products they buy the ideas, mission and vision of business
  • Create stimulating title for your videos to engage customer and try to avoid boring content as no one wants to get bored by watching a video and try to make it more mobile friendly

Why to do Video Marketing?

Video marketing proves to be very effective tool for marketing research shows that 57% online consumers who intends to purchase product are more likely to buy after watching the demonstration video of product. Videos are accessible everywhere in the world you name the platform, be it Youtube, TV broadcasting and street board advetising. There is no limit to possibilities for video marketing, with the smartphone people can access anything anywhere in world and online video streaming takes huge share in this accessibility from people. Which is not true for paper or print media marketing and online video is a very cost effective way to reach audience.

Study shows that the retention rate of information when heard and seen is 80% and only for seen it is 20% and heard only drop down to 10%, so heard and seen both indulge, create a powerful effect for consumers. Developing a video marketing strategy has huge results when created through market research, analysis and having insights of the targeted market. Using these tools, marketers can make strategies and could determine message to influence people about the product/services of business. After creating plan and developing business message you can move forward to video making which is not an easy task to create in the modern world full of appealing and fascinating video content online, video making is the cream of all developed strategies to reach out to consumers, so it should be powerful with alluring message about the mission.