Video Marketing Ideas to Promote Vape Brand Effectively

Video Marketing Ideas to Promote Vape Brand Effectively

Creating interesting and amazing video content requires skills, time, and resources. But do you know that people daily watch videos for more than 100 million hours daily?

Not only this, but a report also indicates that almost 64% of online shoppers make final buying decisions after watching a product video.
So why miss a huge number of potential customers just because of not creating video content?

According to experts, just 9% of brands and businesses use video marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategies. It could be a great opportunity to promote your vape brand via video content to drive more traffic and sales. In the absence of paid ads, an interesting, informative, and useful video can attract more vape customers for your brand or business.

Below we have listed some result driven video marketing ideas so you can get your video views way up and drive more traffic to your vape store.

Creative Storytelling Increase Brand Awareness

So many vape stores and e-liquid brands are out there in the industry and using the same marketing strategies to generate customers. Your art of storytelling can help you stand out among competitors. Whether you sell vape devices, exxus vaporizer, or e-liquids, approach your customers with an appealing message of what makes you better than others. Create an amazing video to tell them about the purpose, aim, and vision of your business. Create an influential video story that your existing and potential customers will love to watch and share with others. You can that video across social media and other digital channels to increase brand awareness incredibly.

Create Educational and How-to Videos

The majority of people are still confused and unable to differentiate between vaping and smoking. There are rumors that push vaping in the category of smoking. People who are interested in vaping, are confused about picking the right vape devices and products. They usually search for how-to and informative videos about vaping to enhance their knowledge. Just join the race by creating educational and how-to videos. Let people know how to use different vape devices by creating informative videos. Show how they can easily use vape products and quit smoking effectively. According to experts, visuals are the content type that the human brain takes and consumes quickly. It means you can amazingly boost your vape marketing efforts by creating informative video content.

Respond to The Customer Queries

After creating some interesting and informative videos, go through the viewers’ feedback and reaction. You will see a lot of comments asking numerous questions about vaping and vape products. Make a video to respond and answer the customer queries and explain things accordingly. While creating answering videos, use the sense of humor creatively in your videos to keep viewers engaged and make them stick around. You should also consider the culture and attitude of your brand to increase engagement.

User-generated Content to Increase the Trust in The Brand

Not only you, but online shoppers around the world check for reviews and testimonials before making final buying decisions. Customer reviews and testimonials are the trust factor for potential customers. So why are you not using user-generated video content in your video marketing strategy for your vape brand?

Testimonials videos are the best way to build trust in your brand and let potential customers know what people think and say about your brand. So, encourage your customers for testimonial videos and feature them on your YouTube channel and social media profiles. Moreover, you can also introduce special offers for customers who send you testimonial videos.

Opt for Live Videos

As most popular social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, offer live video features, coming live with your audience could be a great way to boost your vape marketing efforts. It allows you to communicate with your audience directly and listen to their voices at the same time marketing your brand or products. You can go live to show your production processes, to cover product launch events, and to show your customers what is going on in the industry. Live videos look more real and genuine in feeling. Moreover, you can also save and edit live videos to publish them on YouTube and social media profiles.