Top reasons why you lose Your Instagram followers


Losing one or more followers on Instagram is always a big nuisance, especially when the social network is used to promote your business project or to implement Personal branding strategies.The loss of Instagram followers can be caused by some factors that also outline the drop-in followers on Facebook as well as by other circumstances typical of this digital platform.For this reason visit activeig as we thought of summarizing in this post all the reasons that determine the loss of followers on Instagram.

You post too often:

This first reason is often underestimated by many Instagram users, especially businesses. It may seem relevant from a business point of view to say, “The more we post, the more we are visible to our followers,” which is true, but watch out for backlash. People who have chosen to follow your account are ready to receive a certain amount of content from you, but will not necessarily be happy to “see only you” in their news feed.

Posting too often is therefore dangerous for two main reasons:

  • Your followers will be exhausted in turn, decrease the engagement ratio, and this will penalize you in the Instagram algorithm.
  • you can unfollow the people who will unfollow from your account

Even if some influencers or brands may have a high post’s frequency, it is because they are able to produce high-quality content with each post, which is not necessarily the case for you.

You post low-quality content:

This second reason inevitably happens when you post too frequently on Instagram.

But not only that, your Instagram presence must bring real added value to those who follow you, and it can happen that certain brand or person accounts publish photos & videos that arouse no emotion among followers.

To overcome this second point, here are some reasons why Instagram users follow accounts:

  • they want to discover new places, new recipes, new clothing, new cosmetic trends
  • they want to master a new skill
  • they want to be entertained
  • they want to have fun

Your editorial line goes in all directions:

This is a common error when you do not define a real strategy for the creation of your Instagram account. In fact, in this case, the content is sometimes fed from day to day or when “we have something to post.” And maybe you find yourself in this situation.

The concern is that when your profile visitors follow your account, they will follow you for a specific reason. If, for one reason or another, you start publishing photos taken with a phone one day, a flyer created in Photoshop, and a video with no subtitles, you risk losing the interest of your followers.

It is important to think beforehand about a form of standardization of your Instagram account, so as not to “shock” the people following you, and give them “what they are looking for.”

The Instagram algorithm cleans up your followers:

To determine the posts appearing in your news feed, Instagram has developed an algorithm that sorts the content disseminated by the accounts you follow and displays only a part of them.It is also able to identify accounts with dubious practices, and coming from “farms” of Instagram users, that is to say, created in mass, with biographies filled in automatically and almost no photo published. Know more about Instagram Tips For Your Upcoming Email Marketing to Get Real

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