Steps on how to create content for Wikipedia

Steps on how to create content for Wikipedia
Steps on how to create content for Wikipedia

Content is the most valuable and important part of the lives of human beings today. Whenever a user wants to know about anything, they search about it. They want to read about it to get complete information about the topic. There are many websites and sources that are available online and provide great content to the readers and searchers online. Wikipedia is the most important credible and reliable source when it comes to authentic content. Every topic is covered on the site. From something as little as an ant to something as big as a plane.  

Wikipedia is a user-generated content website, which means that anyone can create content and get it featured on the site. It does not restrict you to be a writer or content creator. But to create content, it is mandatory to follow the rules and policies set by Wikipedia. Failure in following the guidelines may get your content rejected. 

Now, if you are interested in creating content for Wikipedia and you don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page, then you must follow these steps. 

  • Create an account
  • Choose a unique topic
  • Know your target audience
  • Research The Fact 
  • Create an outline of the article
  • Write a rough draft
  • Time to submit your page
  • Keep monitoring


Create an account

The foremost step in the process is to create your account. It is the most basic step in page creation. After creating an account, you can proceed towards creating your page. To create an account, you need to open the Wikipedia homepage and then click the account creation option. Add the details and click to confirm the account.

Choose a unique topic

Think about any topic that can be used to create an account. Then you must check its availability on Wikipedia. There are red and blue links that will show you, its availability. Any topic that comes to your mind cannot be chosen because Wikipedia does not accept anything ordinary. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that the topic should be dynamic and attractive.

Know your target audience

The target audience plays an important role in the content creation process. You must keep them in mind while making content. You need to study them in detail to create content that satisfies them. Learn about their interests, behavior to provide the information that is according to their interest. 

Research the fact 

Research is an important part of anything. Before creating flawless content, you need to research it and collect all the necessary information about it. All the points that the reader likes must be included. Bear in mind that Wikipedia does not accept any promotional tone. The content should be completely informational. Advertising and promotion are strictly not allowed and it can result in rejection by Wikipedia. The outline must be created.

Create an outline of the article

The outline is an important part of any content. It simplifies things for the reader and also helps in developing their interest. They get an idea of what the article will offer. Create an article to portray the hierarchical relationship. 

Write a rough draft

After selecting the topic proceed to ask for the page to be created. Then two options will appear. Those two options are Wizard or Sandbox. If you are ready to create amazing content then go for Article Wizard. And if you are still in the process of creating content then go for the sandbox.

Time to submit your page

After you have fulfilled all the requirements and created your article, then you must check all the information. Content must be thoroughly checked so that it does not get rejected. All the guidelines of Wikipedia must be followed. Content should be properly structured. It should be free from any kind of promotion. It should be backed with reliable and authentic sites. After these checks, send your content to Wikipedia. If the content is according to the guidelines of Wikipedia and fulfills all the requirements, then it will get published and you will receive a confirmation email. And if the article is not up to the mark, it will get rejected.       

Keep monitoring

After publishing your content, you, must not sit back and relax. Now it is time to keep a check on it. Now you need to monitor it. You should update your content during short intervals. This will make it reliable and credible. Maintenance is required in every field and that is what goes for your article as well. This will help you in getting more traffic on the site.  

Some important points for content creation.

Stay neutral

Content for Wikipedia must be informational and free from promotion If you want to understand the difference between them, then the answer is being neutral. The content should be backed by reliable sources. 


The information you provide must be true. It should not be fake and made up. This refers to including incline citation in your content. This makes it credible.

Wikipedia notability

The resources used on Wikipedia must be reliable. This makes your content credible. 

Citing resources

Citation is a very important part of your article. It is the site you used to gather content. It is necessary to learn about Wikipedia citation style. It is highly emphasized by Wikipedia. It is important to neglect embedded links. 

Reliable resources

Wikipedia is known in the world for its authenticity and reliability. This is why you should use reliable resources like books, journals, research papers. The visitors of the site are interested in knowing facts and figures. 


Wikipedia has many benefits because it is the most recognized reliable source of information. It helps in building brand awareness and recognition. This will make your credibility strong and more enhanced. Content created must be well written that requires all the necessary steps that are described. It should be according to the guidelines of Wikipedia. All of them are discussed above.