Sendiio – all in one tool for email marketing


Sendiio is an auto responder toll which allows you to keep track and respond to your emails and messages from social media platforms such as Facebook. When you are carrying out email marketing, you need to keep potential customers engaged so that they can finally convert. You do not have to worry on how you can keep subscribers engaged upon downloading and installing Sendiio. It is an all in one tool which helps you handle your email marketing efforts in an effortless way. It is carefully created to handle different processes during email marketing. Some of the features which make the tool stand out include the following:

Allows creation of unlimited email marketing campaigns

You need to create several email marketing campaigns and manage them so that you can know the one which converts more. The process of creating email campaigns can be tricky. You should not worry if you can have Sendiio. It is an automation tool which lets you handle all your email marketing efforts in a professional manner while saving money. It comes with different features which aims at helping you grow your email marketing campaign easily. There are several things you need to do when carrying out email marketing. The tool simplifies the whole process so that you can easily run your email marketing campaign.

Facebook and Text Message Campaigns

If you rely on Facebook to capture emails and leads, then you should not worry. The tool has an inbuilt mechanism and several features which you can use to run your email marketing in a professional way. It easily integrates with Facebook so that you can easily capture the emails and respond to them. When people interact with you on Facebook, you need to keep them engaged so that they can convert. You can easily convert if you can utilize the features applied on the tool. It works automatically in helping you handle different email marketing efforts.

Imports unlimited emails and phone Numbers

You need to manage emails and phone numbers in your digital marketing efforts. Sendiio is built in such a way it makes it easy for you to easily handle the issue of email marketing. You can easily import mails to your email list from where you can easily respond to different people or send out promotional emails which can end up attracting more people to your products and services. For your campaign to run effectively, you need to have an active tool which you can apply to capture emails and phone numbers which you will then respond to easily.

Free access during monthly charter members opening

If you would like to test the features of the tool, then you can easily do so by trying their free access during the monthly charter membership program. They have taken different measures to ensure they avail to you the best email marketing tool which will make you achieve great success when trying to carry out automated email marketing. Several issues have been solved in your email marketing which make the whole process of running an online campaign very easy.

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