Six ways you can use to sell more effectively on Instagram

Six ways you can use to sell more effectively on Instagram

In the world of social media, Instagram remains a major force to be reckoned with, thanks to having a user base of almost one billion users and 700 to 800 million active users every month, with more than 200 million of them using Instagram stories as their main entertainment source.

When you are a business, you definitely want to increase sales by taking advantage of the opportunity to market to this user base. However, you must find a balance between posting sales related content and authentic material, if you want to be effective in your strategy. Social media purposes have never changed, and you must remember your target audience did not join to view advertisements; they joined to connect to others and consume interesting content.

Read on for some tips you can follow when creating advertisements and using the bestselling tactics.

Creating shoppable content

This remains one of the best methods of selling your products through Instagram, especially if your business deals with products. The whole premise is linking Instagram users directly to buying the product from your feed because you post the buying links in form of images like a normal post. That also means you do not annoy your followers by spamming them with shopping links, and they get to enjoy the products because they look beautiful.

If someone is interested in your product, they will go ahead to buy it. The best part of this is you do not have to pay extra fees to facilitate the transaction, and neither does the customer.

Using Instagram ads

Because of the Facebook Ads, you can now promote posts on your Instagram account. This increases your engagement levels, and also encourages the user to click through to your business website. Both of these methods are useful in creating and increasing awareness about your products and brand.

Driving traffic to your website can also be done through making Instagram ads that you share on the platform. You can use tools such as Owlmetrics since they will gauge the levels of traffic heading to your site through traceable links in your bio.

Instagram ads are particularly helpful because they increase two very important variables for increasing your sales – the rates of conversion and the size of the audience. They are also of high quality, so you do not compromise on this area, and you also convince your followers who they should buy from you.

Sharing user generated content, or UGC

This strategy is a great way to increase your followers and also grow your reach, all without minimal cost. In fact, you can consider it as a viable alternative to services which are used to buy 50 Instagram followers or automatic likes, and they are more effective because they make you look interesting.

Too often, many companies and brands forget that they are operating in the world of social media, where people do not really care about buying products all the time. They do not invest enough time to reassure the potential and current customers that they will enjoy the product once they buy it, because they have not involved the users themselves in promoting the brand and the quality of its products.

User generated content is a great way to create trust about the purchase, because it works in a similar way to user reviews. It looks more authentic, and assure future buyers that the product is of high quality. When the customer sees someone they know endorsing the product, service or business, chances are higher they will seek it out and buy it.

Increase your work with influencers

Social media influencers are everywhere, but they are particularly many on Instagram. The chance to work with them is a great one because they have many people within their audience, which immediately helps you get the right exposure you need.

When you decide to work with them, it is a great chance to advertise your products without being annoying or spammy. You simply need to pay them for a post you are doing, and let them make a call to action for their followers to head to your website. The better you work with them, the more connections it makes, so it is very important to select the right person.

There is also the chance of doing a giveaway with them, and give their followers conditions they can fulfill easily. This will allow you to attract their following to your audience and then you can encourage them to shop at your business website.

This is partly why contests and giveaways are very effective at increasing your engagement levels and getting new followers. If done correctly, you stand to gain many sales and then promote the influencer as well.

Utilize the features on Instagram – all of them

Because Instagram is continuously evolving, it is adding new features to its list, and all of these can give you new approaches to sales. A good example is Instagram stories, which is newer than most features but is widely popular. If you ignore them, you are missing the chance to reach out to a wider audience.

Instagram shopping is another feature that poses a great benefit for your business because you can sell your products without incurring extra costs. However, the longer it stays on Instagram, it may have to attract pricing since the platform also wants a commission from the sales you make.

Always make sure you are doing your part in getting your name out there. Among the most important traits for survival in the world of business and social media marketing is to evolve constantly. That means you are not afraid of trying new things, because they present a greater opportunity to help you succeed in your venture and make more sales.

Final thoughts

Whatever the method you use or the feature you explore, all of them can be useful in converting customers and making higher sales. If you use these correctly, your business can eventually become a multimillion dollar enterprise.