Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

Rapid shifts in advanced technology have caused the current marketing landscape to advance accordingly to reach the target audience effectively. Modern consumers seek engaging and dynamic forms of content when they search online to find useful information or details to satisfy their specific needs.

Most people watch at least one video throughout the day. When they are surfing the web, especially a social media platform, it is impossible to avoid video content as it makes concepts clearer than any other type of content.

This is the reason; video marketing is a great opportunity for both brands and marketers to promote their businesses by reaching a wider audience. It helps brands reach potential customers, enjoy better marketing ROI, and build trust.

Below are 5 powerful reasons why businesses should use video marketing right now to boost their sales and build brand trust.

Google Loves Videos

According to experts, a business or brand is 53 times more likely to appear in top results on Google when there is a video embedded on the website. Since different content types including text, images, videos, and news are gathered on Google to provide users with relevant and useful stuff, video marketing can help you reach a wider audience by appearing in more search results. YouTube is a key in video marketing as it is known as the 2nd largest search engine around the globe. Creating quality video content for YouTube and increasing YouTube subscribers is a great way to present your videos in front of more people watching videos online. Hence, you need to make sure all your videos are properly optimized for both YouTube and Google.

Videos Build Trust

Trust is an integral element when it comes to generating leads and sales. Trust-building is a goal on its own for many brands as it helps them grow greatly and stand out among competitors. The core purpose of a content marketing campaign should be trust-building and creating long-lasting relationships. So, don’t make sales your priority and let people visit you by providing them relevant, useful and informative content. Well created and properly optimized video content can do it for you. Creating video content including live streaming fosters trust and helps brands build strong relationships with their customers. As the majority of online shoppers usually watch product videos and tutorials before making purchases, being available on YouTube with informative and explainer video content can grab the attention of more customers to help you sell more.

Increased Conversions and Sales

Embedding an awesome product video on landing pages can amazingly increase the conversion rate by 80%. Another research shows that 73% of visitors who watch a product videos are more likely to make purchases. Video content works great for any brand or business apart from its industry and size. That’s why you should be creating interesting and informative videos to attract more customers to buy from you.

Video Attracts more Mobile Users

Since 90% of modern consumers watch videos on their mobile devices, it could be a great opportunity for brands and marketers to reach a bigger audience right on their hand-held devices. According to YouTube video watch time on mobile devices also rises 100% every year. With such huge numbers, you can effectively convey your corporate message to a broader global audience by creating awesome and informative videos. Creating appealing videos and publishing them on YouTube is not enough. You should also need to share your videos across different digital channels including business websites, social media profiles, and landing pages, etc. Sharing videos on social media sites can help you get more viewers and increased watch time.

Videos Get more Shares

Video content circulates more than any other form of content. When people find interesting and informative videos, they are likely to share them with their friends and family. As a result, you can reach more people across different digital channels. For instance, most of the internet users watching videos on Facebook are more likely to share interesting stuff with their friends via instant messaging services like Messenger and WhatsApp. In this way, you are better able to get traffic from different online sources. You can also get massive followers for your social media profiles to grow your social media presence.

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