Monetizing Your Instagram in 2019

Monetizing Your Instagram in 2019
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Instagram has been one of the most popular engaging social media platforms nowadays. Its popularity is increasing insanely. There are almost 800 million active users around the world. So, it is easily understood that it is a highly engaging social media platform.

Well. But my aim for this post is not to show you its statistics of users but to let you know about the monetization of your Instagram account. Before you monetizing your account, you must have to ensure that there is huge traffic or followers in your account. Without growing your followers, don’t start marketing in the Instagram marketplace. If you start from the very beginning, you will ruin your account.

It can be a huge opportunity for you if you can make a professional looking Instagram account with a specific niche. Never try to start with a too broad niche or a too small one. Instead, consider something that is moderate and can be broadened in future.

Any online business needs huge traffic that interacts with your posts. If you have an account with 100k followers but they are not active and share a comment, or like your post, these huge followers do not appreciate. On the other hand, if an account has only 20k active followers who interact with your posts after making a post, they are the real followers you need actually.

To grow your account in Instagram, you need consistency and patience. It takes time for every social platform to grow an audience. All you need to do is to create an awesome looking professional niche-based profile and keep posting in it. But don’t just post niche-based posts but let your audience engage with funny and engaging posts as well.

There are a few options out there you can choose to make money from your Instagram account. You can sell apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, hats and so forth. You can use your Instagram account for promoting affiliate programs that are very popular nowadays. There are a lot of affiliate websites, and you can create a free account with them.

How to make money on Instagram


There is a good opportunity to promote your affiliate products out there on Instagram. Keep one thing in mind that high-quality images of products perform better than worse one. But there is no option to promote a linkable URL in Instagram except one in your bio section. In this situation, you can show the URL on your products’ image, or you can use the link on your bio section.


If you want to make money with your account on Instagram, you have to have a huge range of followers. If you have so, there are many companies out there who want to promote their products and services through an account having a large number of active followers. By showing their ads, you can earn a smart amount of money from Instagram. Before doing so, make sure that your account is well-established and has huge traffic. Through these ways, influencers make a lot of money.

Be a skilled cameraman and sell your photos

There is a huge demand online of unique and high-quality photos. If you are a good photographer and have a DSLR or smartphone (which camera is high quality), you can capture unique photos of yourself and anything that has a good value to the users and sell them online through your Instagram account.

You can make a website on photography and upload unique and high-quality photos. And then, you need to start promoting your site through Instagram by posting a few photos with watermark. Make sure you never upload an image that is already in a stock photography sites like Shutterstock or storyblocks.

So, these are the proven ways you can monetize your Instagram account and earn a handsome amount of money to lead a happy life. Plan to make a professional Instagram niche-based account and start to grow your audience who will bring you money at the end of the day. This is a fast-growing social media platform which engagement is outstanding. If you can utilize the power of your online marketing method, you are sure to earn huge amount of money from Instagram alone.

Happy marketing!

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