Introducing Storymate


Since their introduction by facebook and Instagram, stories have taken a very huge leap in changing social media. People are more about posting stories rather than updating their status or posting new pictures. Hence, influencers and micro-influencers are being viewed and followed for what they post on their stories.

What is Storymate?

Storymate is a tool that will allow you to optimize your stories. It will maximize your reach and the traffic to your website, and will generate more leads from your social media handles. What storymate does, it allows you to upload your own content on one of 100 templates, render it, then post it on Instagram.

Why are stories very important?

There are several reason that make Facebook and Instagram stories very important. It is a wise investment for all of those who rely on social media to generate or convert lead to put more thought about their stories and allocate a bigger part of their marketing and sales strategy to them.

Everyone is posting them

Out of the 500 million instagram users, 300 million are posting stories on a daily basis. What does that tell us? This number indicates that people are required to invest more in their stories and provide better content in order to stand out in a huge pool of stories.

They are growing quickly

Stories are growing 15 times faster than any other form of content. So you may be investing in creating nice visuals to post, but that would be a waste of time since more people are eager to look at your stories rather than check your newsfeed.

Why should you use Storymate? 15% to 25% Of viewers swipe up

Which is a huge opportunity for everyone who uses social media to convert or generate leads to divert the traffic to their websites and complete the conversion by getting viewers to buy your product or watch your videos, etc.

Be one of the first people to use it

It will launch on January 16th, 2019, and will distribute more than $20K worth of prizes for early sign-ups. If you join early on, you will leverage from very cool features and templates.

Get a refund if it doesn’t work with you

You get a no-questions-asked refund for trying Storymate, for 14 days. If you feel that it is not paying off, or you’re not getting an acceptable Return On Investment, you may definitely get your money back.

It provides royalty-free content

If you don’t feel comfortable to share your own authentic content, Storymate will provide you with a large library of royalty-free content that you can use and share instead. This will spare your the hassle of being on camera or figure out what kind of content you wish to push.

Who should use Storymate?

Anyone who uses social media, whether to reach more viewers, generate leads, persuade them, or convert them into clients. Storymate is made for those who use Facebook and Instagram stories. Remember that numbers have shown that 59% of brands’ stories lead their views to shopping landing pages where their viewers can finally purchase their products.

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