Introducing Intelligyence as a Shopify analysis tool


Intelligyence is a Shopify analysis tool which enables the user to obtain a broad array of information regarding products and their reviews for dropshipping. Intelligyence allows the user to expeditiously discover the latest products which are currently available for sale and include them in their store for sale.

Intelligyence enables the user to get convenience when selecting products since all the information has been presented in a one stop shop that is easily accessible. This analysis tool further allows for the store search tool this gives the user the power to search for over two million Shopify stores. The search tool is assisted by numerous powerful filters which can be accessed at the click of a button. This promotes flexibility and efficiency when selecting products.

This analysis tool promotes Google Ads reviews. This feature works in such a way that the user has the capability to view and assess the Google Ads that a store has been running as well as the key pointers used in a specific avert. This creates the upward effect of enabling the user to employ this information so as to assist in the construction of an individual’s own substrate targeted campaigns.

Furthermore, this analysis tool is instrumental when it comes to the performance of its store search tool.

The search tool accords the user with the power to conveniently search for over half a million Shopify stores through employing the different and many powerful filters. In addition to this, Intelligyence acts as a product search tool that comes with various powerful features which enables the user to seamlessly search for millions of products.

The power of the filters found in this analysis tool are far reaching as the user has the power to filter a massive list of Shopify stores. The user can establish factors such as the price point located in a particular store’s bestselling item, the availability of a Facebook page and other social media platforms as well as the currency in use by the store. Furthermore, the user can investigate the particulars of a page on social media and this helps as a reference point when generating new market ideas. This analysis tool promotes an efficient store information system.

The user has the ability to expeditiously view the website linked to the store, when a particular product was last updated to the store, the theme in place at the store as well as the store’s Shopify username. This also comes highly recommended when making the estimated sales of other stores. This analysis tool gives the user the power to ascertain the low, high and medium sales estimates.

The information produced can be used when designing the strategy and making a decision over whether or not to stock similar products. Intelligyence also facilitates the user obtain information about installed applications. This is with regards to the brand of Shopify applications that a particular store is using. A user can hence replicate the use of these applications on their own stores based on its success and this buoys up the rate of sales and conversions.

Intelligyence further facilitates traffic analysis and trends in each and every Shopify store. The volume of the traffic can be obtained for a particular country, thus giving the user a better oversight. This information can prove to be instrumental when it comes to generating highly targeted Facebook advertisement campaigns in order to generate significant and sustainable leads and sales.

Intelligyence also allows for the user to conduct a competitor analysis. This occurs whereby the user has the control required to check the rankings that have been bestowed on the top five competitor stores that are located in Shopify.

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