Introducing Connect Explore


Facebook target marketing is a crucial aspect in helping one gain traction on their campaigns. However, knowing your target audience, how to read your campaign’s analytics and improving your campaign for future advertising requires time and efforts. Here’s where Connect Explore comes to play.

Connect Explore is an interest targeting tool for Facebook marketing that helps product high value profit from a single campaign.

Here’s how it works.

  1. The tool comes with an automated SMART research tool to find and disclose interests that is hard to find.
  2. Connect Explore also has a built-in layering option that lets you to hyper target your most prospective consumers in the niche you are looking for. Meaning, the tool works for everyone, irrespective of the niche or industry you are part of.
  3. There is no split testing – so you are provided with optimized Advertising results along with detailed interest performance statistics from your currently running ad campaign.

Using Connect Explore allows you to

  1. Find untapped Facebook Interests
  2. Know exact interests to target
  3. No guesswork needed – pre-analysis of target is now easy
  4. Helps scale multiple interests
  5. Helps find profitable interests without the need of the tiring complicated split testing method.

Reasons to avoid Split-testing:

  1. Set up one adset for each interest that you wish to target.
  2. Keep track of the results manually
  3. Each adset comes with its own minimum daily budget.
  4. Hence, a requirement of 50 adsets leads to a high-end budget(something you are looking to avoid in the first place)

Even when you try to budget each adset with 10$ budget on a daily, you end up with a whooping bill of 500$ each day to test your interest targets (that’s a lot of money for some far less lucrative)

Bottom line? You pay more and splurge on poor interest targeting leading to lesser profits and even fewer clicks on your adset. And when your click through rates get low, Facebook assumes that you are providing a bad user experience, in turn charging you more for each interest targeting you get wrong.

Here’s how Connect Explore will help you from burning a hole in your pocket whilst also narrowing down your time and money for higher valued clicks from potential customers that bring sales to your company.

The tool allows a user to

  1. Pre-qualify interest as keywords that a user enters
  2. Provides instant performance data metric for each of these interest targeted keywords
  3. Find untapped Facebook interest that cannot be accessed through other marketing and advertising tool
  4. ConnectExplore adds interest directly to your ad manager with a single click
  5. Has its own metric measuring tool and analytics stats system, so, it doesn’t require one to opt for a third-party stat measuring tool.
  6. Includes layering for built-in targeting options

Our four-step mechanism aims at




4.Analyze and Scale

This tool aims to deliver optimized results for CPA Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, List Builders, Local Marketing Consultants, eCommerce Marketers, Social Media Marketers and the like. Bottom Line? Connect Explore is a tool that any person, be it a marketing newbie or a pro, can use through time and cost effective experience that is also hassle-free.

You can opt for a 30 day free trial with the ConnectSuite to check the tool and use it to the best of your advantage. After which, you shall be billed monthly for using it. In all, that’s a win-win situation for marketers that are sceptical about using new marketing tools that are likely to hit a good high on their ROI percentage.

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